Wednesday, February 8, 2012

poem about deb

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Deb Kenney’s 5th

Back one score and five Deb Kenney arrived

To began her Liberty career which has now brought her here.

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Deb came to us from the centennial state

And was sure that Boston sales would seal her fate.

For we are a well seasoned eclectic crew

Who know all the sales cycles through and through.

There’s Jimmy who is sagacious and wise

And Ritchie with his bodacious ties

Loquacious Bruce on the lose

And Herbie who finds the whole sales process exceedingly abstruse

There’s Muareen

Who at times wants to scream

And Susan who is looks so serene

It has been said that we are rather set in our ways

Which sometimes tends to make us disobey

And at times our egos can get in the way

Oh of course we in sales mean well don’t be fooled

But we hate it when we think we are being overruled

I think you can all ascertain

That managing us would make some people insane

And as if that were not enough

Deb has to deal with all the other department’s stuff.

There’s credit who is on a collecting campaign

Who has caused our customers both anguish and pain

Claims, auditing and loss prevention too

And all the underwriting meetings where sales is sometimes misconstrued

The never ending permutations

of all the underwriting sales quotations

The on going appeals

Where underwriting is slow to make any deals

And all the spreadsheets that poor Deb has to maintain

That sometimes we in sales find inane

Including a new one for terror

That would absolutely scare Yah

It’s amazing how Deb prevails

Having to provide all the excruciating details

Then there’s division

Who insist that they make the last and final decision

And all their new business plans of late

That Deb has to assimilate

It’s a wonder how we all get through it

And without Deb, I don’t think we could do it

With her balance and grace

She helps us all to keep the pace

And with her wonderful smile

Deb confronts each challenge in style

And with relentless zeal

She help us close our deals

But never does Deb complain

Even when she is under arduous strain

She gives encouragement to help us all achieve our goal

And works very hard to see that Liberty’s reputation is never undersold

Sales is fortunate in deed

To have Deb give us our lead

And we want to make this loud and clear

That we hold Deb very dear

And wish her every success in her continuing career

Happy 5th!

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