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Hanford Atomic Reservation

Hanford was a top secret government site that made plutonium for Americas nuclear weapons. It was deemed the most polluted place in the western world. The amount of chemicals that were dumped into the ground is huge and well over 440 billion gallons. The chemicals that were dumped were Plutonium, Uranium, cesium, strontium, americium, neptunium, and others were released into the air, ground, and the Columbia River.

These effected all the civilians down wind of Hanford and the Indians that fished and drank from the Columbia River. Everything was kept a secret. With this radioactive pollution people were effected deeply and had miscarriages, deformed babies, benign and malignant tumors. Others had so much radioactive chemicals inside them they wondered if they would explode like a bomb into a life-threatening illness. This all happened because the Hanford was allowed to endanger everything around them and the government scientists and officials did not trust the people they served.

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The neighbors to Hanford and even people in Spokane were effected by the pollution. The numbers came to be an outstanding amount of people that hit with the radiation. This amount of radiation was high enough that it increased the risk of developing cancer. Cases of thyroid disease were noticed and are commonly caused by iodine 11. Iodine 11 was one of Hanford’s most profuse repercussions. Because of all these acurrences each factory was supplied with more money so that workers got paid more to get them to stay and work. This was all kept very quiet.

Recently declassified letters and statements surfaced and were of people who were there. These letters showed that officials knew about the hazards of Hanfords emissions. At the time these were not recognized and brought to attention of the proper authority because the officials that oversaw these letters were concerned with the problems that they might cause, and the nuclear weapon project would be shut down. Even scientists were concerned for the people that were downwind of Hanford, and wanted to issue warnings but were overruled by the people that wanted to protect the secrecy of the weapons program. Finally a spokesperson came out and told everything that happened and Hanford was shutdown, soon after the fall of the hole nuclear-arms-making industry.

Just like other nuclear weapons facilities, Hanford was made during the time of the Manhattan Project, and continued to become more powerful during the Cold War. During the Cold War the tri-cities relied on Hanford’s payroll. People of the community were raised working there, as soon as family members were of age to work they were recruited and put to work. The members of the tri-city community powered the start and end of Hanford.

In 16 a clean up crew was hired. They got a $565 million contract to help clean up Hanford. DynCorp is the company that has a part 5-year contract with the Energy Department to clean up the nuclear weapons and chemicals in the most contaminated government facilities, Hanford. The companies will be paid for as much work as they do so Hanford will not be left in debt so that even if they hole thing is not cleaned up they company will be given a sum for as much as they have worked. Hanford has 40 years of nuclear and toxic waste just siting at its site, waiting to be cleared. This time the crews will finish the job that started in the early 180’s. The crew has planed to operate more than 100 buildings to keep track of records and operational tasks.

The economy has been very poor in the Hanford area. Therefore as a part of this job they are creating 000 new jobs to help the economy grow. A partial goal was to create a new and good economy in the area to allow people to survive after the Hanford projects. The only problem is that with this project, the budget is getting more and more tight, and the cleanup is increasing. This is a problem and is forcing some of the projects to wait until more funding comes in.

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