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Frank Convoy

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Our heartstrings have been plucked by heroic tales of boyhood friendships; the kinship, adventure, and wit that outlines them via movies, memoirs, and excerpts from stories. The adolescence era for boys is primarily a time of personal revelations and the rowdy companionship of best friends. These boyhood friendships exist on a moment-to-moment basis in an unrealistic and superficial state, where the concern with each other’s appearances and long-term goals is not prevalent. The two passages, the first authored by Frank Conroy and the second by William Maxwell, clearly illustrate the spontaneous and carefree ventures that the boys partake in with encouragement from one another.

Frank Conroy, in conveying his story, claims to have a memory lapse about his childhood friend, Tobey, but then describes his demeanor in vivid detail. There is no mention of Tobey’s physical description, but rather the manner in which he conducted himself, “…he could walk on the hot, sharp coral without shoes…” (Lines -4). The young boys’ wild visions and imaginations were running rampant, whereas they would devise secret climbing techniques just to seclude themselves from the rest of society, “The first project was a tree-house built precariously high on a tall pine. The climb was difficult for anyone who didn’t know the hand-holds we’d constructed at the hardest parts.” (Lines 8-0) They created their own fantasy world to exclude others and just involve themselves, though Tobey confessed before going on a swimming expedition, “…there’s nobody around.” (Line 0)

Another clear-cut example of Conroy’s heightened imagination is exhibited when Tobey and him encountered a dead mule and then escalated that its termination in nature occurred because of a very specific and “important” reason. “We talked about that mule for weeks. What was its fascination? Death dramatized, something of unbelievable importance being revealed right in front of us…” (Lines 4-51). The two boys seemingly made an escapade out of everything from fabricating hidden tree houses, to jumping simultaneously into the lake. In fact, they were goal-oriented without even realizing it. They would take their harbored ambitions and make a reality out of it, no matter how surreal it appeared.

William Maxwell’s use of imagery and word selection help supplement his brief boyhood memory with a childhood friend. However, both passages seem to accentuate the fact that the physical presentation of the friend was not as significant as the activity that transpired between them. “If I saw him now the way he was then, I don’t know that I would recognize him.” (Line 5) Also, Maxwell confesses him frequent memory lapse to the dialogue that him and his friend, Cletus Smith, exchanged while exploring the infrastructure of the house, “I suppose I said, ‘Come on up’.” (Line 17) The truth is, he was too intrigued by the framing of his new house to be plagued with what he and Cletus said to one another. Maxwell became preoccupied with illusions and reveries that he fathomed in his head, “…teetering like circus acrobats on a circus hire wire.” (Lines 0-1) The boys never swapped intimate details about their lives, but just relished the fact that they were playmates.

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The very mention of a certain name can sometimes bring back a precipitance of boyhood memories � recollections of summer days spent together barefoot and trekking through the wilderness. These personal memoirs can raise the corners of your lips into a slight smile and make you let out a half-chuckle. Boyhood friendships, though seemingly everlasting during childhood, are usually capricious and transitory. However, the short-lived bonding that does exist between the boys presents them with a way to explore, measure, and comprehend their self-worth as they develop a personal identity. One notable trait that young boys possess is a creative imagination and their ability to produce false scenarios that may arouse fun and excitement. Both of the above passages � though the first passage occurs over what appears to be a longer duration of a relationship � are similar in that each set of boys shows a profound loyalty to the other. Though this sense of loyalty is not expressed verbally, it is implied by the companionship exhibited between each set of boys.

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