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Dialect on Kubuku Rides "This is it"

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Many authors have different styles of writing. Some use a certain form of writing known as dialect. Dialect can be a variety of language distinguished by pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary. Any type of speech different than that of the standard can be considered dialect. Authors use dialect in many ways to reach the reader. For Example, in “Kubuku Rides (This is it)”, the author uses his own form of dialect in the story. The story narrates a woman, Angel, with a drinking problem. The author uses a certain type of dialect to show how Angel thinks inside her own mind. The dialect that the story is written in shows how Angel’s mental processes work and the effect alcohol has on her mind.

The dialect that “Kubuku Rides” is written in is mostly of short sentence fragments. When people are thinking to themselves they rarely use complete sentences. No one thinks through his or her mind with perfect grammar. The author shows this in his story. “Angel hear the back door slam. It Alan, in from work.” (Brown 11) Here, the author gives you an idea of how Angel’s mind is working. He uses his own style of dialect so that the reader can relate easier to the character. The problems that Angel faces can be hard to understand from a person that has not experienced her situation. The dialect that is used almost makes the reader feel that they’re Angel. Since the reader reads Angels thoughts, it makes the reader feel as if it was their own thoughts, and they are the one going through the story. The reader is able to become Angel through the dialect that the story is written in.

Relating to Angel through the dialect in the story, the reader also finds the effects of alcohol in her thoughts. “She drink some more beer and schnapps, and then she pass out or go to sleep, she don’t know which.” (Brown ) The incorrect usage between the subject and verb in the story is consistent. However, Angel’s drinking throughout the story is also consistent. The reader feels the effects of alcohol as they read. Once more, the author helps the reader to relate to Angel and the situation she is in. The author illuminates the way Angel feels, acts, and especially thinks by his use of dialect.

Alcohol can have an effect of addiction. When people become addicted to alcohol they tend to ignore their dependence upon it. Angel knows that she has an addiction. “Just wine, beer, no whiskey, no vodka. No gin. She getting well, she gonna make it.” (Brown 11) Nevertheless, the alcohol gets the best of her. Her struggle with the addiction is seen throughout the story. The third person writing style that the author uses portrays the detachment of Angel from herself. Angel could not see her problem. She could only feel the urge and need for alcohol. This third key component completes the dialect that the author wanted the reader to interpret.

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The effects that alcohol has on the mind and the struggles that one goes through can be seen throughout the story. The author wants the reader to feel as if he or she has taken the place of Angel. The reader is to feel that they are going through the struggles that Angel faces. He achieves the exchange through his use of dialect. “Kubuku Rides (This is it)” proves that the use of dialect can effect what and how a reader perceives a story. Many authors will continue to use dialect to set apart their work from the normal standard stories.

Brown. Kubuku Rides (This is it)

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