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English 10 Honors is a two-semester course which combines a survey of British literature with a strong emphasis on writing skills development. Honors courses are designed, in part, to prepare students for the Advanced Placement English classes that can be taken in the junior and senior years at CHS. Therefore, the depth and breadth of our study will exceed that of a regular college preparatory class. This course will be comparable in terms of workload and emphasis to introductory college courses in English.

In this class, we will be studying the great literary works of the country that originated and refined the English language Great Britain. We will be reading a wide literary selection, including the 8th century heroic legend of Beowulf (translated from Old English); selections from Geoffrey Chaucer (translated from Middle English); Elizabethan authors, including Shakespeare; some 18th century tales of satiric fantasy by Jonathan Swift; distinct representations of 1th century British prose and culture from Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and Oscar Wilde; as well as several works from the modern era. As your instructor, I have chosen these works because I consider them high-points of English language expression.

In an attempt to develop your writing skills, we will use these various readings as models for your own writing. You will be required to write a research paper and a variety of interpretive, reflective, and creative papers. In addition to these writing projects, we will review essentials of English grammar and will complete weekly vocabulary assignments.

You are responsible for having reading assignments completed by the beginning of class on posted due dates. Daily reading quizzes are common and cannot be made-up. All out-of-class writing assignments must be typed. Unless previous arrangements have been made, any projects that are turned in one day late will incur a 0% penalty; any assignments that are turned in more than one day late will receive a 50% reduction. Classroom participation is an important aspect of this class and will have an impact on both your academic and your citizenship grade. Extra credit assignments are extremely rare in this class and will not be used to replace missing work. Your work this semester will be categorized and roughly weighted as follows

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1. Prepared Essays/Papers-5%

. Objective Tests-15%

. Reading Assignments/Quizzes-15%

4. Vocabulary Tests-15%

5. Language Lessons-10%

6. Spoken Presentations-5%

7. Final-15%

A brief word on timed tests and essays. Studies show that a student’s facility in a task is gauged both by their ability to perform the task and by the timeliness in which they can perform the task, whether it be to supply definitions to ten vocabulary words or to write an in-class essay. Unless we are taking some kid of specialized, predetermined exam (SAT, AP, etc.), the time period for tests is usually determined by assessing the given progress of the entire class and, as the majority is finishing, making an announcement when five-minutes are remaining.

Homework is an important dimension of this class. Expect daily at-home assignments. You are responsible for all homework, including homework that is assigned and homework that came due during any absence. If you are absent, you should keep track of assignments and handouts via Any assignments that were given during your absence and came due during the absence or on the day of your return will be due on the day following your return, unless prior arrangements have been made. All assignments that were given before your absence and came due during your absence are due the day of your return. Absentee students must also keep pace with class progress on pre-announced assignments (reading, test dates, essays, etc.). So to be clear, if you were absent for one day and missed a test, you must be prepared to take it on the day that you return. Typically, this make-up will be occur after school.

I do not believe that the variety and quantity of assignments that a student is given should be limited by an instructor’s time-availability to carefully grade and consider each. Therefore, occasionally an assignment will be given for the experience only, and no credit will be given. Students will not be notified of these cases in advance.

The Academic Attendance Policy in all classes at Coronado High School is as follows

1) The penalty for an unexcused absence will be a 5% reduction in the student’s academic grade. The grade reduction will be implemented upon the second unexcused absence, and each unexcused absence thereafter will cause an additional grade reduction of 5% for the remainder of the semester. It is the student’s responsibility to clear an absence within two days of returning to school.

) Unexcused tardies of 5 minutes or more will constitute an unexcused absence and may incur the grade reduction penalty.

The following is the procedure you must follow in order to be re-admitted after an absence

1) Students MUST report to the attendance office prior to returning to class after an absence.

) If the parent has not cleared the absence, the student will phone the parent in the attendance office, to excuse the absence.

) The student will receive either an excused pass or an unexcused pass in order to enter class after an absence. A student will not be re-admitted into class without a pass.

4) Students MUST arrive in the attendance office before the tardy bell rings in order to be excused.

Students will not be allowed to participate in Homecoming, Winter Ball, Sadie Hawkins, Prom, or Senior/Grad Night (Disneyland trip) if they have more than (1) unexcused absence in any one period class in the grading period prior to the special activity. If a student cuts a single class, he/she will receive a single, unexcused period absence.

In addition to these school-wide policies, three unexcused tardies from this class of any duration in any one semester will result in after-school detention.

Neither cheating nor plagiarism are tolerated at CHS. Plagiarism is the use of any idea or phrasing of an idea traceable to a single source without proper acknowledgement. Plagiarism is also turning in someone else’s work as your own or supplying your work to another student for them to use. Cheating is copying homework, web sites, class work, quiz, and test answers from other students with or without their permission. Students, who work �together”, should not have identical work. Cheating and plagiarism result in a zero for the assignment and a referral to the school administration. Parents/Guardians will be contacted.

Each student must bring the following items to class each day pen, pencil, and regulation three-ring binder with paper for note-taking. Students will be asked to purchase one or more blank journals throughout the year. Also, students must bring assigned texts or reading materials to class daily.

Students are expected to follow typical classroom decorum, including the following remain in assigned seat unless otherwise directed; do not talk while teacher is lecturing or the teacher or a recognized student is leading class discussions, unless given permission. Students should never be outside of the classroom during class-time unless they have specific permission from Mr. Dwinell and have been given a hall pass with time and destination filled in. Failure to follow these rules will result in detention and/or a referral to the vice principle.

I can be reached in-class for at least one hour after school (usually much longer), via voice mail at 5-807, or via E-mail at

Classroom text Elements of Literature, Sixth Course Literature of Britain with World Classics. Holt, Rinehart.

Major prose texts

• Beowulf

• The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer

• Macbeth, William Shakespeare

• Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift

• A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens

• Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen

• The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde

Major poets John Donne, Ben Jonson, Edmund Spencer, Alexander Pope, William Blake, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Lord Byron, John Keats, Lord Tennyson, Robert Browning, Matthew Arnold, William Butler Yeats, T.S. Eliot, Seamus Heaney

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