Sunday, January 1, 2012

University or not?

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We never educate directly, but indirectly by means of environment. A University or college is not only a place, but also an environment where a student receive his or her education. My firm bilief is that one can learn more effectively in university or college than studying and reading on his or her own.

In university or college, a proper atmosphere is easily formed by the peers who are researching in the related sujects. The students usually are divided by deparment, and in the same department, students with the same professional interests usually have a more tight relationship, from which a studying atmosphere is easily formed. For example, when I was in university, my classmates who shared the same domintory with me have the same researching interests with me. We kept discussing when we were eating lunch, before sleep, even on the way to the classroom. We gained a lot from the discussion. Furthermore, the stedents can also find more resources, such as the related laboratory, library. A thick researching environment is always easily established in the university or college.

In the process of learning, the communication have a pivot effect. In communication, one must organize what he or she have just read, find the related points and express them properly and logicly. That is also a pivot step of learning. For example, maybe one has read a lot of books. But without the communication on the idea of the books. They will easily dissappear from the brain with the time passing by. Learning needs communication.

Somebody may claim that by studying and reading on ones own the students will learn more. However, the rush assertion does not tell the students what to read and how to read. It is a very important question, which will be solved perfectly in university or college. There, the students can receive more directions, which can make them double the progress with half the fatigue.

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In brief, it is worthy to spend four years pursuing a university or college degree. There, the students find a proper environment, good chances to communicate, and more sage guidance. They will learn more in university or college than studying and reading by themselves.

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