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thoughts about the moral experience on freedom

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The human person, thanks to its rational soul, possesses certain faculties that condition and help to execute its acts the rational knowledge, granted by the intelligence, and the rational appetite, offered by the will, of the one that derives the liberty. In this manner, the man carries out his conscious human acts and freely.

To large characteristics, the will consists of the capacity to elect, consciously, among different roads of action and to act according to the election taken being directed to a specific end. Al to consider the concept of will, the evident corollary is to think about the notion of liberty, that in itself same would come to be considered like the capacity of self-determination of the will.

Nevertheless the previous thing, the human liberty, only is not reduced to the capacities of the man, since though is in great individual part and therefore, subjective, is limited, at the same time that constituted, by the other environment of the man the environment in which this develops. In fact, the liberty is limited and situated, on the one hand, since does not possess in her same the resources of its own expansion, since to the liberty, to develop and to be exercised as such, is it necessary something that, thanks al intellect and will, turn out to be valuable, to then spread and to compromise us with it. On the other hand, in the external plan of the man, with the one that should be compromised and to respect, the liberty there will be to be exercised objectively and in function of certain norms that at the same time will protect the liberty of the others and that, parallel, they will perfect al man in their individual sense the moral norms.

The liberty, then is the key of the human enigma; though does not constitute all the reality of the man, is possible to assert that is more prized good than possesses, since thanks to her all it others acquires sense. But on the other hand, is also more threatened good, inasmuch as is in part conditioned by the company, and because runs the risk that be sacrificed, conscious or unconsciously set against the nature, since the possibility is given in which the man be left to determine for her, threatening and eventually undoing its liberty. By this reason, the indispensable condition for its survival and growth is that we compromise with the morale.

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It fits to mention, regarding the already mentioned flat objective, that the moral perspective, that goes acquiring during the growth and development of the persons in function of its environment and company in general, consists of that those moral norms himself are not conceived like a compulsion if not, as was mentioned previously, as possible guarantee of the greater liberty for all the members of the community.

In this context is possible to affirm that the morale, as concept that alludes to the categorical regulatory science of the to do human according to the natural reason, that is to say, as an assembly of norms or rules that govern al man, whose origin is, mainly, social, achieves to be constituted like the conscience of the liberty that has the human being, since in function of her, the human acts should be good courtsOr bad and since that point of view, perfect or cause detriment al man.

Consequently, so much in the subjective plan as in the flat objective, is clear that the exercise of the liberty begins with the question of the morale in the sense of the responsible execution for the true quite own one, and in extension al well of the others.

Each time that carry out a human act, we are perceiving a moral experience, since this helps to evaluate the different possibilities to the ones that we face ourselves. We reflect on the base that the morale offers ourselves, and eventually, we judge the acts and to then consider them good or bad, spreading, in most cases, and thanks to the liberty, to them thought good, to later execute a specific action. The moral experience resides in which we decide in relation to the morale, that acts as referring set against the hierarchy that we give to all our acts, in order to going perfecting us to achieve the attainment of ours quite last, the happiness.

In conclusion, the moral experience is evident, at the same time that necessary, each time that make use of our liberty, since the morale offers an external vocation, so that store to its objective, which passes to be an exterior demand of the man that requires it. Thanks al intellect the man knows, through the will, desires rationally, thanks to the morale as referring, evaluates, and thanks to the liberty, acts.


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