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Spinal Tap

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World War two affected many lives with thousands of casualties that caused so many conflicts outside the war itself. Ivan (played by Nikolai Burlyayev) in this movie had other reasons to join the war against the Germans. He wanted revenge and justice for the death of his family, and vengeance for the death of the children that were killed in the war. The movie repeatedly showed the words written on the wall about the kids that were all under 1 that were about to die that demanded vengeance for their lives. This eerie repetition of the children’s writing displays how such horrible events could affect someone even at such a young age, including the death of Ivan’s parents. It basically drove Ivan to reject being sent away from the war, so he could join the fight against the Germans.

Children should not be subject to such horrible things as war. War can twist a person’s view of life, especially a child. From the very beginning of the movie the young man swam across to the camp of the Russians very calmly. Any child of his age should fear going through a battle zone such as the one he bravely traveled through. As the movie goes on Ivan goes through many dream sequences which show a loving and care free childhood memory of his mother and sister. Then he is back to reality and has to deal with life as it is. Unfortunately Ivan had no choice in his involvement with this war and it’s sad that he had nothing left, accept to try and fight the Germans for the sake of reprisal. He had no father, mother or any relatives to turn to. This alone can make one feel empty, with out purpose. As if they need to be around others and apart of something. The soldiers did not want him involved because they new that children did not belong out their, but regardless of what asked of Ivan he insisted on being involved in the next mission or he would threaten to run away from whatever institution they placed him and join the partisans. There was no other way to deal with his life except through dreams.

In many of the dreams his mother appeared as a source of comfort or an outlet to deal with life and the hardships he was faced with. There was a scene that was shown when he rode on the back of a truck filled with apples and his sister was there, which he imagined when it was raining on his trip in the car. This was probably a memory of good times with his sister that made his trip seem less stress-full and more tolerable so he could focus on what events were to come. War can drive people or children to the edge when faced with tragedies of war.

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