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Setback essay

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During my internship at Volkswagen Mexico, I was responsible for a quality improvement initiative. Despite my dedicated efforts, I was unable to overcome the worker’s opposition to the endeavor and the subsequent quality improvements barely met the minimum target.

A significant problem with Volkswagen’s manufacturing plant in Mexico was its high defect rate. My role was to implement a quality improvement initiative for the car interior assembly line. For several weeks, I worked with line workers to understand the source of defects and conducted regular sessions to analyze problems and implement improvements. However, it soon became apparent that the Mexican line workers resented the improvement effort primarily because they did not see the benefit of yet another ‘German diligence’ campaign. Despite my efforts to convince workers of the project’s merits, I failed to inspire a genuine enthusiasm for the initiative. Furthermore, management shied away from exploring the idea of performance-based pay and eventually a factory-wide strike put an end to that discussion.

In hindsight, I now realize that I failed to move these workers precisely because I did not understand their motivations. In the West, we are generally motivated by monetary goals. In Japan, workers consider the goods they manufacture as reflections of themselves, and a poor product can mean significant “loss of face.” Mexicans, on the other hand, forge close bonds with colleagues and take immense pride in their company’s reputation within their community. In turn, had I framed my efforts to the workers in terms of “making the company prestigious”, I believe that I could have overcome their opposition.

This experience taught me that understanding the motivational systems of different cultures and individual groups of employees is critical to success as a business leader.

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