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Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

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Romanticism in the 18th century emphasis on reason and artifice. It embraces imagination and nature. This signifies the difference between the real and unreal. The poets of this era rejected the public formal and witty works for the pervious century. The poets during this period preferred poetry that spoke of personal experiences, emotions, and language that was plain and simple. The poets during this time focus on nature, spirituality, and symbols.

William Wordworth, Samuel Coleridge, and William Blake all shared similarity in there poetry. Some of Blake’s that inspired him was his devotion to God and that he believed that every object on earth and event had a mystical or spiritual meaning. Wordworth liked to keep it simple and liked to add everyday experiences into his poetry. Coleridge elaborated on supernatural things.

Albatross represents nature and safety. He was the God to lead the wedding party to there destinations. Once the Albatross was shot and killed that when the shipmates started to cry out against the Mariner for killing the bird. Mariner realizes that he made a mistake by killing the bird. He started to pray and that’s when he seen the blue glossy green and velvet black snakes. Mariner started to know there was water all around him, but he couldn’t drink any, because the water was bad. At this time the ship was being to act up and people began to die. He prayed forgiveness and everything got better and wind started to come back.

Supernatural is something that is paranormal that can not be explain by science. There were several died bodies that had sat on the boat for seven days. There wasn’t any sweat or odor on them. The Mariner sees souls leaving bodies. While he looks out at the sea he sees a ghost boat with a man and woman playing dice for his life. After awhile the die bodies start to work the boat. Later on the boat starts moving without any wind. He has a supernatural burning of the story of how to respect nature. Something came from underneath the boat and ripped the boat into two sections.

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How one individual selfishness and thoughtfulness against nature can affect the lives of several individuals. The act of killing the Albatross effect the lives of the whole crew, because they no longer had a guild to take them to their destination which resulted in the deaths of the people on the ship and the destruction of the ship. He learns his lesson to respect nature.

By the lesson the Mariner learned would affect others who read the story. This poem proves to be a true romantic poem though nature, supernatural, and the individual about “The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner”.

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