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The organizing of Business Continuity Planning

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The Organizing of

Business Continuity Planning

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Organizing of BCP

The organizing of

Business Continuity Planning

Organizing means arranging the activities in such a way that they systematically contribute to enterprise goals. An organization consists of people whose specialized tasks are coordinated to contribute to the organizations goals. (dessler, 001, p.10).

The internet article review I have chosen is Business Continuity Planning, which was written by Wayne Clifton. The article examines disaster scenarios, and what organizing factors companies can incorporate to limit short and long term damage. The article as written in the Journal Occupational Health and Safety, examines what unforeseen circumstances can occur and what can be done to alleviate problems. The premise of the article relates to work risk associated with uncontrolled workmen compensation cost.

The disasters that can effect an organizations ability to stay viable can take many forms. A fire damage disaster can destroy a whole building or just a room in the building. An earthquake can damage or level a building to its foundation. More common than those particular disasters, can be the high cost of occupational hazards. The cost can skyrocket to astronomical levels, hence, destroying a company’s financial sustainability. The organizations that incorporate “risk management” plans throughout the organization can not only limit, but in many cases, prevent disasters from occurring.

The article examines one company named CEMEX. The company

Organizing of BCP

is a multinational corporation manufacturing cement and cement products. The organizations risk manager and environmental health and safety director where interested in assessing the workers compensation risk. There were three main objectives they were interested in the first one was to identify and quantify risks to employees’. The second was to organize a cost effective way to eliminate those risks. The third objective was to create a plan to survive a disaster.

To meet these objectives, CEMTEX instituted a Business Continuity Plan (BCP). The BCP, instead of organizing recovery plans in response to a disaster, organized a process to meet disaster head on. The process in minimizing risk before hand, can assure the companies survival to a disaster. By initiating the BCP process, the company will be able to accomplish preventative measures to minimize risk. Some of these are the restoration of services, to minimize financial loss, to meet ethical and legal operations, and to protect jobs.

The organizing effort to prevent risks varies from one company to another. The goal of CEMEX was to identify a broad range of risks. These risks ranged from unguarded equipment and open trenches to confined space entry and ergonomically designed tools. The initiators of this, the risk manager and H &S director, were proactive to incorporate these findings into a prevention plan. The managers, by identifying and minimizing risks, allow for a smooth recovery plan from disaster.

The high cost of workers compensation has a wide ranging effect for the company to which I am employed, Johnson Controls. The company has implemented multi tiered organizing efforts to prevent, minimize, and respond to

Organizing of BCP 4

disasters from local to larger global action. The company realizes that it has a responsibility to employees, the community, and the shareholders. The company has instituted various contingency plans in the event of a disaster. The company formed groups to respond to disasters. By organizing groups such as the emergency response team (ERT). The ERT is activated in the event of an emergency like fire or weather related condition. The organization also initiated a Medical First Aid Team (MFAT). The team responds to medical emergencies.

The fact that I am a volunteer firefighter and paramedic, precludes me to be on both teams. When organizing these teams, a lot of effort was put into training. Although fully trained myself, many members of the team receive extensive training not otherwise available.

The company, by organizing these teams corporate wide, minimize the risk involved in cost and litigation. The organizations efforts in ergonomically designing tools and equipment minimize injuries, increases productivity, and cost efficiency. The company Health and Safety Department is one of the fastest growing departments in the company. While no company can predict or prevent disaster 100 percent of the time, the process instituted to minimize the impact and recover can assure viability. I believe companies like Johnson Controls and CEMEX are ahead of the game in this respect.

Organizing of BCP 5


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