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The protagonist of the story is Eliezer, a 15 year old boy who is sent to four concentration camps starting in the Spring of 144 until he is freed by American troops in April of 145. He lived in a town called Sighet in Transylvania. He is a scholarly teenager who is studying the Talmud when he is captured by the Germans. He witnesses the death of his family and many others.

The protagonist’s conflict’s are with himself for having survived the death camps, and with his belief in a God who could have allowed these horrible events to occur. Eliezer loses his innocence and learns how absolutely evil men can become when their own survival is tested

The ten steps that explain the main events in the story are (1.) In the Spring of 144, the Germans take over the town of Sighet. (.) All Jews must wear yellow stars and are sent to one of the two ghettos set up in Sighet. (.) Eliezer and his family are put in cattle cars and taken to Birkenau, a reception center for Auschwitz, a concentration camp. (4.) Eliezer is separated from his mother and sister. He would never see them again. (5.) Eliezer and his father are sent to the showers and the barber. All valuables and eventually any gold fillings in their mouths will be taken from them. (6.) An SS officer tells everyone that “ Auschwitz is not a convalescent home. It’s a concentration camp, Here, you have got to work. If not, you will go straight to the furnace. To the crematory. Work or the crematory-the choice is in your hands.” (7.) On New Year’s day the SS doctors had the prisoners take off their clothes and selected which prisoners they thought were ill or weak and should be put to death. (8.) When the Russian army was getting close to Auschwitz, the Germans moved the prisoners to Buna and then to Buchenwald. The Jews had to march and run through a snowstorm, most of them without shoes. If you couldn’t keep up, you were shot. (.)Eliezer’s father made it to Buchenwald, but died of Dysentery in January of 145. (10.) On April 10th 145, the Americans liberated the prisoners from Buchenwald.

The theme of the story is that Eliezer learns that he can survive a nightmarish existence even though he can no longer understand how a God he once believed in could let these inhumane things occur. He feels guilty for having survived while so many died including his family.

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The story is set during the last year of World War II (144-145) in Europe. Eliezer is sent to four concentration camps. 1.) Birkenau was the killing center of Auschwitz. (Poland) .) Auschwitz , (Poland) was the central concentration camp..) Buna, (Poland) was the labor camp at Auschwitz, and 4.) Buchenwald was a concentration camp located in Germany.

The author is Elie Wiesel who was born in Hungary in 18. When he was still a boy, he was deported with his family to Auschwitz and then to Buchenwald, where his parents and younger sister died. This book, Night, is a memoir of these experiences. After the war he moved to Paris. He then worked as a journalist in Israel. Currently, Mr. Weisel lives in New York City. Since 176 Mr. Wiesel has been the Andrew Mellon Professor in the Humanities at Boston University. He has written several books. In 185 he received the Congressional Gold Medal and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 186.

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