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Michael Wood analysis on Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great written by Michael Wood, experiences the great achievements of one of the most influential leaders in history. Maya Vision published this book in 17 for BBC, which tells a great tale of his victories, adventures, and sadly at the end, his death. Michael Wood traveled in the very footsteps where the powerful army of Alexander the Great had marched, all the way from Greece to Asia.

Michael Wood has almost over fifty documentary films to his name, the most recent being Legacy and Saddams Killing Fields. Using Greek and Roman historians as his guides, Wood follows Alexanders journey in search of the truth behind local legends, folk tales, and natives religious books, which describes Alexander as a brilliant visionary and a vicious conqueror.

The author is trying to prove that Alexander the Great is one of the most famous conquerors in the history of the world. Not only did he defeat his life long enemy, Darius, he had extended his rule to the far reaches of Asia, creating the biggest empire ever achieved by one man. Step by step, mile-by-mile, Michael Wood travels in the very footsteps where Alexander had came across over 000 years ago. He gives insights to what happened at this particular place and time, and gives all the possible scenarios, such as, could have Alexander died by food poisoning, instead of the fever? No one knows, nor can it be proven, Michael Wood meets the problem with every possible solution, rumors which may or may not be true. He only states the facts about what really did happen, and then might give an honest opinion, that it might actually be false. These assumptions can be a weakness in his writings, for the evidence he compiled, maybe used against him. This book makes you think of what might or might not of happened, even the appearance of Alexander. Alexander had thought his family came from a bloodline connected to the mighty Hercules, and greatly admired his hero, Achilles. He always sacrificed in hopes of pleasing the gods, and sought after oracles, asking them for their blessing. So he was a very spiritual man who seems to have a very profound amount of knowledge. My knowledge of the subject is not advanced, however I do enjoy reading the conquests of Caesar, Genghis Khan, and other great rulers, however none can close to the vast empire created by Alexander the Great. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in thinking, and questioning the facts, which may be true, or false.

Wherever Alexander went, the people had viewed him as the merciless conqueror and their savior. I found this book very interesting, and as I read more about the endless victories, while viewing the pictures taken of the journey, it was like if I was right there next to him. This book even has quotes and suggest to the viewers if you are interested in thinking and knowing one of the greatest conquerors in the history of mankind. Alexander the Great by Michael Wood is very entertaining as it is convincing, and would recommend this book anyone wishing to learn more about the greatest leader while having fun.

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