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A lot of people I know have grown old without growing up. Growing up is gaining maturity and experience, and using past mistakes to form a smoother path for yourself in the future. It also means putting aside childish habits and attitudes. But I think you can do that without losing the appreciation for the innocence of childhood and forgetting the happiness of playing in mud puddles in the rain, or running around in your bathing suit all day with pool hair until dark.

Growing up is a state of mind. We can choose to act like adults are expected to act or we can still be a child at heart. Growing old is something we all do.

Growing up involves maturity, growing old involves aging. Its entirely possible to have done one without doing the other.

At 50 you are having a mid-life crisis... so what else is new ? Seriously, what youre expressing is very common; most people, if they have any intelligence or awareness beyond the need to buy another six-pack, experience intimations of mortality somewhere around the half-century mark.

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Women seem to have the experience earlier-- at around 45, on average. For men it usually hits closer to 50. I dont usually recommend pop-psychology books, but I will recommend this one. Read Gail Sheeheys Passages. This one was written about 0 years ago but it still provides useful insights into the process of getting through the period Ms. Sheehey called the hyphen between growing up and growing old.

Oh, and one more thing-- you do get over it. And on the other side of you mid-life crisis you become a wise elder (if you dont make a total fool of yourself first, by taking up with a gold-digging 0-something chick or giving all your assets to charity so you can run off to sit at the feet of some guru in the Himalayas or some such!). Just keep your sense of humor, your faith that there is a God in some non-form or other, and look forward to getting those senior discounts!

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