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GCSE Drama Coursework Essay unit paper 1 � Response to seeing a live performance

Blood Brothers by Willy Russell

I went to see the play Blood Brothers with my family on Saturday 1th July at the Theatre Royal in Brighton. In this essay I will be responding to this live performance by commenting on what I found interesting and impressive about the performance. I will also be evaluation how the playwright, Willy Russell, and the director created an impact on the audience

Blood Brothers is set in Liverpool in the late 160’s. It is a journey about two twin brothers, who are separated at birth and are left to lead their lives on opposite sides of society, without knowing that they where once brothers. Mickey and Eddie are best friends, ‘blood brothers’, brought together by fate but torn apart by mothers, worried that by letting them get to close they would eventually find out the truth about who they really are. Throughout this story two main themes occur. The fist being about social inequality and the lack of opportunity and the second of fate and superstition.

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I think that the playwright/ director wanted the audience to understand the pressure on Mrs Johnstone. She already had 7 children and she didn’t want to be pregnant again. She thought that she may be able to cope with only one more, but she found out that she was having twins and she didn’t know what to do. Mrs Lyons was desperate to have a child, but she was unable to. When she heard the Mrs Johnstone wouldn’t be able to cope with both children, she begged Mrs Johnstone for one. She promised that he would have a perfect life and that she could see him everyday, but after a few weeks, she couldn’t handle the fact hat she wasn’t his biological mother and sacked her. At this point the director wanted us to feel sorry for Mrs Johnstone because Mrs Lyons had ‘stolen’ her baby.

As the boys grow up, the audience begins to see the theme of social inequality. Mickey has to live in a council house and only has ‘hand me down’ clothes from his older brother, he spends his time playing on the street, with games mainly involving guns. The games he plays are violent, and the language he uses is working class. Eddie on the other hand lives in a big house with his mum and dad and is very well presented. He is not allowed to go down and play with the working class, He spends his time at boarding school and enjoys playing cricket. He speaks in a very upper class voice and obeys exactly what his parents tell him. At this point, Willy Russell wants the audience to understand how people who begin the same, can turn out totally different with the amount of opportunity they are given. It also makes us think that it was the right thing for Mrs Johnstone to give up her son, because he has had such a good life. Also on the other hand, Mickey also thinks he has a good life and really looks up to his older brother, Sam as a role model.

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