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Chinese literature

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Chinese 10 Traditional Chinese Literature Survey

Response Questions for Meeting Two. Fall, 00 Name Zhong Xin


I. To the question “Why do people read literature?” many of you put the key words “education” and “entertainment.” According to the Great Preface to Odes, literature is hardly for fun and not just about knowledge. What function does literature play in a society from the Confucian point of view?

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Confucius has a simple moral and political teaching, which is to love others ; to honor one’s parents ; to do what is right instead of what is of advantage ; to practice ‘reciprocity,’ i.e. ‘ don’t do to others what you would not want yourself’ ; to rule by moral example instead of by force and violence ; and so on.

Chinese Literature reflects morals, politics, and traditional religions. In addition, literature presents the most ancient literary culture of China. Chinese literature had such a long-lived tradition which played a significent role in the society.

In recent times, of course, Chinese literature looks not only to its own past but also to the global context. But in Chinas case, everybody else is late to the party.

II. Do you understand the following terms? Please elaborate on it in two or three sentences.

Filiality The greatest treasure of Chinese traditional culture is to be filial. The greatest evil is to rebel against one’s parents, teachers, and elders. In Chinese society, filiality is number one, and it is perfected through sincere acts of body, emotion, and mind. Filiality comes from the nature, inherent in Chinese society.

Remonstrance Literally, remonstrance is the act of remonstrating; For example, thousand years ago, prime minister who is the closest people of the king, presented and urged reasons in opposition to an act, measure, or any suggestion to the king.

Generally, people who point out some good advices does not always pleased the king because some suggestions would not completely accept due to the king’s changeable attitude and mood.

III. We have read several poems together during our second meeting from an anthology called Book of Odes. Please interpret on three of them, which, I hope, have given you some entertainment, stimulus or at least you felt some accessibility.

A. In the Classic of Odes ( Shih ching. Kuo feng. Zhou nan),

In order to please beautiful young lady, men always like to try many different ways to get girls attentions, such as playing music, etc. All methods that guy used is trying to get young lady’s heart and allure the girl fall in love with him. On the other hand, guy wants to get together with a beautiful girl who he really loves and cares. In the other words, guys want to be together with his love like a pair of birds which always flying together into the sky. For this reason, men become sleepless and dream about his lovely girl frequently.

B. ( Shih ching. Kuo feng. Wei feng. )

This section reflects that man’s scarifies to woman. Man gave valuable jade to young lady as a gift to please girl. In contrast, a little piece of things which come from girls would be regards a great gift to guys. Guys want to love their girls, take care of girls, and please girls by the best. Man has never need his loved girl to pay back anything at all.

As matter of fact, man wants his loved girl to like him which would be the greatest gift in the world for him.

C. ( Shih ching. Kuo feng. Wang feng.)

This part represents a picture of love from separated couple due to the war. The husband had to leave his lovely wife because of his duty in the military. Unfortunately, he would never know when he would get a chance to come back home and see his wife. His wife presents her anxious and desire for her husband’s coming home. In fact, she knows that chances for being together is quite limit, but the wife still keep thinking of her husband all the time.

On the other hand, this section express the wife’s love and care towards her husband as well. For example, She is been waiting for her husband from sunrise to sunset. She cares of her husband as always that whether he is been taken care of himself who is far away from her.

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