Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment has been used since the beginning of human existence. However, in this century the number of people executed has been decreasing. In the 10s, 1,667 people were executed, compared to 717 in the 150s. Since 177, 47 people have been executed. In spite of the fact that a majority of Americans advocate keeping the death penalty, I am glad it is being used less frequently. I feel the death penalty should be abolished.

One reason why we should abolish capital punishment is that it is ethically unacceptable. Thou shalt not kill is the fifth commandment that was given to us by God. An individual has no right to kill, no matter what another person has done. Only God can create, and God should be the only one to destroy.

In addtion, capital punishment has clearly failed in its purpose. Supporters of the death penalty argue that it is a strong deterrent to people who could be criminals. They use the theory that a person will weigh the amount of the reward to be gained from killing someone against the pain of the punishment. If the punishment is great enough, they reason, the person will not commit the crime. But this is a false argument because most people who commit violent crimes are not rational at the time. A study by Dr. Gordon Grisby of the University of Florida showed that 75 percent of the males and more than 0 percent of the females who committed violent crime were under the influence of alcohol or drugs and not rational at the time.

The final reason we should do away with capital punishment is that it costs more than a life sentence. Most people think it is cheaper to execute a criminal than it is to supply him or her with room, clothing, and food, but they are wrong. The death penalty is very expensive because of the long, drawn-out process of jury selection, extended trials at the publics expense, maintenance of the prisoner on death row, and the appeals process. It cost the state of Utah nearly a million dollars to execute Gary Gilmore.

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Capital punishment is not the answer to decreasing crime. There are other methods of punishing those who break our laws. Executing those who are not rational at the time of their crimes is barbarous. Capital punishment should be abolished.

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