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Business Mission Statements

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The nature of a business is often expressed in terms of its Mission which indicates the purposes of the business, for example, to design, develop, manufacture and market specific product lines for sale on the basis of certain features to meet the identified needs of specified customer groups via certain distribution channels in particular geographic areas. The primary goal of any business is to increase stakeholder value. The most important stakeholders are shareholders who own the business, employees who work for the business, and clients or customers who purchase products and/or services from the business. In this paper I will briefly discuss the differences between Domestic, Global and a non- U.S based company. I also will describe the priorities of the stakeholders are addressed in the mission statements.

I have chosen Home Depot a domestic company, Coca-Cola Enterprises a global

company, and Elliott International a non-U.S. based company from which to evaluate the mission statements. The domestic company The Home Depot was founded in 178 in Atlanta, Georgia and has since become the worlds largest home improvement retailer

and is the second largest retailer in the United States, with fiscal 00 sales of $58. billion. The Companys common stock has been publicly traded since 181, and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol HD. Its mission statement is

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The Home Depot is in the home improvement business and its goal is to provide the highest level of service, the broadest selection of products and the most competitive prices. They are a values-driven company.

The Home Depot has the highest priority when it comes to customer service,

according to its company values, excellent customer service, respect for all people, and

building strong relationships are key to their success. The technology used in today’s

industry is typical. Their survival, growth, and profitability depend on high service,

the market, the broadest selection of products, and the most competitive prices.

Their philosophy is customer service and satisfaction along with taking care of their own

people. Giving back to the communities is one way it helps to sustain its public image for

example, giving free classes on how to perform home improvement projects.

The Home Depot does not address it stakeholders in it’s mission statement, however, is does so vaguely in it’s company values; Creating shareholder value. The Home Depot is built on the principle of creating value for its stockholders while never forgetting the values. ( The global company I have chosen is, Coca-Cola Enterprises a product company. Its has the same traditions towards customer service and employee relations as The Home Depot only better, CCE is truly customer oriented by the way they advertise. The people of CCE are the heart and soul of the business, building relationships with their customers and consumers in the communities they serve. By putting people first, they hope to create value for everyone touched by our company, public image is everything. The operating philosophy and strategy is superior marketplace execution and market-based programs. Employees build relationships with store personnel and create an avenue for two-way communication about his or her business. Gains not just in North America, have helped in both the future consumption and cold drink channels have helped generate growth per capita consumption from 7 in 16 to more than 100 in 001.

The technology also more utilized than The Home Depot. It is

committed to working in their facilities, in communities, suppliers, customers, and consumers to minimize the environmental impact of our operations, products, and packages. CCE uses 100 percent recyclable packaging throughout the Company, and has state-of-the-art water quality technology. Coca-Cola Enterprises mission statement

We exist to create value for our share owners on along-term basis by building a business that enhances The Coca-Cola Company’s trademarks. This also is our commitment. The mission statement is straight to the point, and seems to provide stakeholders with future guarantee to potential dividends. It goes so far as to say as long as they exist the “employees and the product” there will be future value. (

The non- U.S. based service company, I have chosen is Elliott International. It

was founded in 147, Elliott International has grown into one of the foremost moving companies in the world. Elliott undertakes home and office moving, machine and computer moving, both locally and internationally. The company employs over 800 people, they are professionally trained, motivated and dedicated to providing real service excellence. Customer satisfaction and service excellence are the cornerstones of the their philosophy. The difference between it, the domestic, and global companies is its people and environmental philosophy. Their goal is to conduct their activities with complete commitment to international good environmental practice. Employees are encouraged to reduce the impact of emission and material and energy use and to find safe and sustainable ways to dispose of residual wastes such as consumer packaging.

Its environmental policy is vast and supports the goal of sustainable development to

ensure its actions meet the needs of the present, while minimising the cost to future

generations. The company is not traded publicly, so to sustain its survival, growth, and

profitability it has to rely on its service, and public image. Its mission statement is set into


QUALITY SERVICE To provide and maintain world class service and value for our customers and to generate peak performance returns. ETHICAL STANDARDS To conduct ourselves with unfailing commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards, always treating people with care, courtesy and consideration. OUR MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCE To place maximum emphasis on our people - our most important resource. To keep the profit motive of our free enterprise system in harmony with the needs of our people and, where necessary, to err in favor of human considerations rather than monetary ones! PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT To provide rewarding jobs for our people; jobs which are challenging and which provide opportunities for career development. To recognize outstanding performance and to apply a fair and just employment equity program.

SAFETY AND THE ENVIRONMENT To always act responsibly and carefully with respect to the safety and the environmental impact of our organization.

REASONABLE PROFITTo realize a reasonable profit for all our hard work and for the high risks we assume in providing our service. JOB SATISFACTION To be passionate, to be different, to be happy and to celebrate our success and achievements. (

The mission statement does not elude to stake holders, it only speaks of

generating peak returns and reasonable profits for all the hard work. So this company

places much more emphasis on their most important resource, their employees and

customer service value as well as the environment.

The difference is vast as they are similar, most companies whether they use old

technology or new, use great amount revenue to advertise or not, is product or service

oriented, most large companies have one thing in common a mission statement.

The mission statements as mentioned above, went from level of service, to shareholder

“money” and finally to employee euphoria. The stakeholder however in whichever

company regardless of its mission statement will always be addressed one way or the

other. In my opinion a mission statements should be more focused like The Home Depot.

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