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work ethics

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You need to have a positive attitude towards work or will show in your performance. Also if you have a bad attitude it seems to rub off onto the other employee’s. I believe that work ethic is taught by your parents and can be learned by the example that a parent gives. A child should be taught the value of work and the responsibility that goes along with it and let them see this exemplified in their parents behaviors. The parent must walk the talk in order for the child to be truly motivated to honor this.

An employee’s most valuable commodity is its reputation and integrity. No matter at work or at home you always need to follow through with what you have committed to do. You will earn a good reputation for being a “stand up person” and someone that can be counted on. Be respectful to other people and try to give them the same courtesy you would like given. Treat conflict as a challenge, offer help where its needed, be flexible and be willing to accept new challenges with a smile.

Etiquette is one of the most important skills any person can posses, no matter if youre a student, a business person or anyone else. The way you handle yourself in a business and social environment can reveal a lot about you and your position within an organization. From meetings with the boss to meetings with clients and customers, knowing the right things to do and say can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of things. Tardiness show lack of responsibility and caring. When you tell your employer that you will be there at a certain time they count on you being there. I think that being on time everyday is part of your work ethic and I think it reflects on your reputation and how committed you are. This also applies with your family and social life. It is never fun to sit and wait for someone to show up ½ hour late when you have made plans.

Being a conscientious worker shows what kind of person you are. If you take time to do your job and do it correctly the first time it shows that you put thought into it and that you care. In my work history I have had the experience of working with both people who are self-motivated and conscientious and those that need direction. Those individuals do not take near as much supervisory energy as those who need to be told what every step they need to take.

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Loyalty is also a key item in your work ethic. If your employer does not feel that you are loyal and cannot be trusted they will not confide in you. You may also not be given as much responsibility or larger projects than another that is trusted.

I think it is necessary to get a group of diverse people on a working team. It brings new ideas, beliefs and caricature into tasks at hand. I think that everyone should be treated equal and not discriminated due to his or her race, sex or religion. I think that they should be judge on their experience and qualifications. I also think the work place should be free from favoritism and nepotism.

Sexual harassment is unacceptable anytime, not just at work. People need to respect others man and woman. It is important to find out what your rights are and what procedures are in place to help you. You need to be clear and speak up saying “NO” (with out a smile) will clearly state that you don’t like the behavior that’s going on. Find out what your employers policy on sexual harassment is take appropriate actions. Document the actions that take place and go to your immediate supervisor. If this does not help got to their boss and let them know what has happened and that no actions have been taken. If this does not help, file a complaint with your state agency. Write the person a letter stating what is offending you but be polite and to the point in your letter.

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