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ISLAM, the religion for the people and by the people gives women the freedom and independence they can never have even if they fought their way in other elgions.

ISLAM,lets women stand shoulder to shoulder to men, unlike the west where women lib forums keep fighting for their basic rights like getting paid on the equal basis as men.

In ISLAM women have the right to have a divorce, they have a share in the property of thier parents, they have a fixed role in sciety which no one tresspasses or questions. They can choose to be good housewives aswell as rulers of nations, unllike the west where women can not rule the country,we have Benazir Bhuto of Pakistan and Haseena of Bangaladesh as two exemplory women who led two huge islamic nations.

ISLAMIC socety gives women respect, they dont have to fight for it, seats are reserved for women in busses and tubes,lines are made separate for women in billing departments and banks.

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Women in islam a sense of dignity,shame and modesty in themw hich till todate makes them the most charmed for women.

Islam gives you guidleines for a abetter life and its the incumbent duty of the women in the hosue to m ake sure that her chikdren abide by such guidleines and her household is also a follower of such instructions. Islam does not enforce upon you, it gives u room to study explore and that decide what is right and what is wrong.Islam strenghens your characgter makes you say no to things that are forbidden it keeps you away from the wordly evils, like drugs,alocohol and adultry which the western world is engripped in.

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