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Throughout my speech, you will learn many things you need to know about tornadoes such as how they form, when they occur, and how to detect them. Hopefully, by the end of my speech not only will I have informed you enough to build an interest in tornadoes, but you’ll be aware in case a tornado happens to come your way.

“A tornado is by far the smallest of the world’s major storm type, but is the most violent, producing the strongest winds of any storm on Earth”. Physical Geography, Scott (pg. 15). A tornado starts when a funnel shaped cloud hangs down form the sky but does not touch the ground. When the cloud hits the ground it is known as a tornado. Tornadoes form in large clouds. These are commonly known as thunderstorms. The tornado is on the southwest part, while the rain is in the northeast part. The inner part of the tornado is called the vortex. This is composed of intense, circulating air around a central core. When you view the tornado from above it is rotating counterclockwise. Air with an abundant supply of moisture is needed in the lowest level of the atmosphere. Another layer of dryer and cooler air lies above the lowest level, causing the layers to become unstable. The last ingredient is when the jet stream is in a high altitude. “In a sense, the tornado should not be considered a separate storm type. Along with lightning, thunder, and hail, it is a phenomenon uniquely associated with thunderstorms”. Physical Geography, Scott (pg. 15).

Even though tornadoes take on many of the same characteristics, their appearance will always be different. One appearance is the difference of its shape. The tornado can either be irregular, wide rope-like or very smooth. The color of the tornadoes will always be different. It will depend on two things the background that you can see when the tornado is happening and the material brought up from the ground. If the tornado has a dark rain behind it and it appears whit, then the tornado is moving northeast. If there are no clouds and the skies are clear behind the tornado and it appears dark, then the tornado is moving southwest. Most of the time the speed of the tornado depends on its size. According to the website Natures Most Violent Storms, sixty-two percent of tornadoes fall in a week category of wind speeds of 100 miles per hour. About one in every three is classified strong when winds reach 00 miles per hour. Sometimes a series or two tornadoes may be associated with a parent thunderstorm.

If a big thunderstorm moves along tornadoes may form, travel along in contact with the ground and lift, followed shortly by other touchdowns. Depending on the type of soil brought up from the ground, the dust surrounding it can appear brown, yellow, or red. Electrical charges may or will also give it a “glow”.

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Tornadoes occur most of the time in some Southern parts of the United States. Tornadoes develop in the spring and to a lesser extent in the fall, when conditions are ripe for the formation of tornado. Violent Storms, Erickson, (Pg. 150). Tornadoes have been most likely to occur between the times of and pm. But have been also known to occur at anytime. Tornadoes and wind storms are classified on the Fujita Scale. There are six ranks to the scale. Each is based on the amount and type of wind damage the lowest being an F-0 and the highest F-5. For example if a tornado came through Los Angeles and was classified an F-, it would have wind speeds that would range between 158- 06 miles per hour. It would cause severe damage and would come in strong strength.

To look for a tornado, look for a dark greenish shy, wall cloud, large hail, or loud roar similar to a freight train. Because of the amount of extra lighting, televisions can get very fuzzy. Farm animals or pets can have odd behavior. Finally, clouds can take on a greenish look. Some tornadoes are clearly visible while others are blurry by rain or nearby low hanging clouds.

Some ways to secure yourself and you your family during work, school or when outdoors are as follows Have frequent drills. Know the area in which you live in and keep a high way map nearby to follow storm movement from weather bulletins. Listen to radio and television for warnings. If planning a t rip outdoors, listen to the latest forecasts and take necessary action if threatening weather is possible.

Prepare a Disaster Kit. For example; a three day supply of water, one change of clothing and footwear for each person, one blanket or sleeping bag per person, a first aid kit including medicines, emergency tools, a portable radio, flashlight and plenty of extra batteries, an extra set of car keys, credits cards or cash, and special items for infants and elderly or disabled family members, and do not forget food for each person.

Throughout my speech, I covered a variety of topics about tornadoes whether it was weather conditions, types of tornadoes, or different detection strategies. You never know, you might be in Texas one day during dinner time and a storm is coming your way. Just do not be surprised if a tornado develops. At least you will know what to look for.


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