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Technology is the worst evil to come around since torture. It is horrible but it is the vice for our progress. Of course our progress now means preparing for our demise as a race but what can we do. We are nothing but mice in a cage so we should just brainlessly sit back and watch. Lets enjoy our internet now because its fun! And lets buy, buy, buy because were going to die anyway. Who cares about the future anymore? We already know what its going to look like and it sucks!

I hope your comfortable in your potato sack. Would you prefer that all of us walk around in Wal-Mart Clearance Clothes? Human beings natural tendancy is to make judgement in the first seconds of meeting someone and as you know the first impression is the most important. So those of us that care to make a good one we will continue consuming. There are some exceptions though, I have never met you but already your first impression is bad.

Technology itself is not bad, it is the people that use and abuse it. Society needs to look at technology at different angles and realize that there are problems with it. Someone should also start a help group for technology junkies, a field that is forever growing.

i beleive technology lies within the people who use it. And weither you agree or not there will always be the smart people who dont use technology no matter how great it will get. technology can take jobs and it can give them, it can feed people and it can starve them, it can make you smart and it can make you dumb. I think that tech has done the damage like pollution and illiteracy, but if we leave tech behind these problems will continue to grow bigger and bigger, so the only soulotion is to fix it with technology itself. Our demise is inevitable but with technology to carry us like the mighty hercules we just may merly escape our own shadowie fate we brought upon OURSELFES.

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