Tuesday, December 13, 2011

State survival

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For a state to survive it must have three necessary charactersitics. The creation of an other to organize the population around a identity against another identity. Second, The infrastructural capacity to control the population within its borders, and thrid, a monopoly on force. A prime example is how the Nazis used the Jews as a target for there created Nazi/Arian Race.

The state must also posess characteristics such as hegemony and coercion. Hegemony is the means by which rulers seek the consent of the ruled to govern/dominate. Coercion is the imposition of control by the use or threatened use of force. Coercion only works for a short period, as is shown by Americas war with Iraq. The attacks were only planned for a short period of time, but now there are talks of the war going 6 months and it has escalated into an uncontrollable guerilla war. Former president Bill Clinton is more hegemonic, while current prseident George Bush is more coercion.A good example of hegemony was expressed by the United States with their battles with Iraq. The US used hegemony because they had to get a campaign to get their war verse Iraq justified.

One of the most important factors in our society/culture is power. Power can be both positive & negative. There are three types of relations of power societies. They consist of Egalalitarian, Ranked, and Stratefied. Egalatarian generally means equal, Ranked has more structure involved,with people with different positions of political power. While Stratefied is the society that Americans live in. There is not enough positions of power, power is unevenly distributed, as well as resources and certain people are above the law.

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