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Rhetorical Analysis Nancy Mairs"Body In Trouble"

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Rhetorical Analysis

Nancy Mairs

Body In Trouble

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Nancy Mairs begins her essay by stating that in biblical times, physical and mental disorders

were considered to signify possesion by demons. She commences in such a way to draw her audience

and to keep them tuned in. It is evident that Mairs realized her audience.The audience, being disabled

persons, like herself, feminists, and even people who are interested in or have experience with

the difficulties of her disease.

The audience described here is the population of beings who will eventually read the essay.

This essay will naturally adduce an audience of intelect due to its use of figurative

language. Mairs uses this figurative language to explain the difficulties of her disability. This language

reflects her effort to reach the audience. Mairs techniques for conveying her ethos and engaging

readers emotions assist with her explanatory project.

The author Nancy Mairs establishes her credibility well. She proves knowlegeability of

disabled persons and feminists by being one which concludes her to have experience. She is

widely acclaimed for her autobiographical essays about her struggles with disabilities. This essay,

Body In Trouble characteristically confronts readers with blunt language that asserts feminist

values. She also uses this language to display herself as a strong human being regardless of her

situation. There are several aspects of he personality -as she conveys it here- that the audience

can respond to positively. For example, Mairs says that she cannot use sharp objects because

of her disability but uses metaphor to compare the last sharp object that she has as being her tounge.

She asks the audience what a cripple like her is good for. She continues on to say that her keyboard

is only waist high and that she can still use it to write books. This a special talent she has and that not

everyone can do but that she can do very well.

In this essay, Mairs is seeking to explain her difficulties with dealing with a disablility, that is

depression, agoraphobia, and multiple sclerosis to which she has lost the use of her arms and legs.

Her primary purpose in writing this essay is to get her readers to understand her disability and to

sympathize with her and others like her. Mairs explains this through the use of anecdote, division

into parts, analogy, reasoning, narrative, and example. She speaks of the bind women have

found themselves in which gives them relatively little power. She refers to the Malleus

Maleficarum and notes the saying, All witchcraft comes from carnal Lust which is in

Women insatiable. Through the use of reasoning with her audience she displays the difficulties

of being a woman , with all the stereotypes that men have given us. This is then used to explain that

to be a crippled woman is twice as hard. Another example of her appeal to reason is her attempt to

explain how people look at her. She tells us that she is a Catholic Worker, someone who works at

the catholic church. Mairs then asks the question, How can a woman identify herself as a Catholic

Worker if she cant even cut up carrots for the soup or ladle it out for the hungry people queued up

outside the kitchen door? This question is used to help the audience understand how society seems

to rob someone who lacks physical capacity of moral efficacy.

Mairs presents herself as a woman who talks about her experience being in a wheelchair.

She gives an example of a specific experience when she went with her husband to a large resort

to see the Dalai Lama. When the workshop participants were let into a narrow hallway she saw

that nowone even realized she was there. She felt invisible having to roll to one side and hug

a wall. This is ironic beacuse all these people, fourteen hundred of them were there to celebrate

the beauty and sacredness of life but not one of them seemed to think that any life was going

on below the level of his or her own gaze. This paragraph effectively engages the targeted audience

through emotional appeal. It has made them think about their own life therefore triggering a

connection between themselves and the writer which keeps them reading. Other examples of the

emotional appeal she provides is the list of dead metaphors. These images convey an intense

emotional power because they equate physical ability with positive moral

equalities. Someone who is strong or in good physical condition can be considered a better

person in these reasonings although often this is not true at all. She also explains that wicked witches

are always described as bent and misshapen and since she is bent and misshapen she is put in

the same category as a witch. Not only ugly but wicked. There are several values that are inherent

when she chooses to use the metaphor childhood and imprisonment for disability. This

extensive use of figurative language is used to help deepen ones understanding of the difficulty

of being disabled.

Mairs essay is both intensely personal and conceptually abstract. She has offered a persuasive

argument .Body In Trouble has affected my thinking as well as many others. She wants people to

accept that all people are different and to have respect for and symphathize with the unfortunate.

In the end, -------

her audience sees eye to eye rather than eye to naval.

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