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Pride and Prejudice

When you open to the first page and begin reading, the Bennet family is instantly

introduced, along with Mr. Bingley. The Bennet family , which is composed of parents

who generally have opposite opinions, and four daughters, each with their own special


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abilities, play the main role, especially the second daughter Elizabeth.

The whole story is narrated through her point of view, so the opinions of other people that

eventually become your own are taken from whom Elizabeth is close to and whom she

dislikes. That brings us to the other characters, namely the Bingley family and Mr. Darcy.

The Bingley family represents a very wealthy family, whose son would be a prize for any

girl, and who is deeply interested in Jane, the eldest, beautiful Bennet daughter. The

family though doesnt believe the Bennets to be of a high enough standard, and move

their brother to London to distract him with Mr. Darcys sister, who supposedly was as

unlikable as Mr. Darcy himself. Disliked by many because of his pompousness and pride,

Mr. Darcy ruined his chances with Elizabeth for himself. In his own desire, he would

have easily married her, she even hated to dance with the man.

This type of love triangle, with one person liking a certain someone, but having to settle

with someone else, happens throughout the book, just with different people. Most of the

time all the characters were either in the a household or at a formal party where these

loves, courtships, and dislikes began.

This form of settings in the book I found rather boring, and it made it very difficult for me

to continue reading, though I now know it is Jane Austen style to not have much action

but to develop more of the characters personalities. This book is a great suggestion if you

love to really understand a character and her feelings towards others.

The neat idea is what Austen did with the title of the book. With this book, Pride and

Prejudice, and also with Sense and Sensibility, she took two characters and applied the

two characteristics, one to each of them. In this book, I believe wanted Jane and Elizabeth

Bennet to represent pride, and Mr. Darcy and the Bingley sisters to be prejudice.

The Bennet sisters worked through many trials and tribulations, between a predicted

husband leaving without keeping in touch, to being proposed to by Mr. Collins whom

Elizabeth dispised and had to graciously turn down more than once, and still kept their

heads up and were respectable to people. Meanwhile, the Bennet sisters had this fake

friendship with Elizabeth, while underneath they dispised her for being of a lower class.

Mr. Darcy overall won the label prejudiced, for he always believed himself a bit higher

than the others, especially because he knew Lady Catherine. I do find this interesting and

a very creative idea, but it is one of the only things I enjoyed about the book.

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