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Pearl Harbor

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Pearl Harbor

By Andrew Geise

For my movie review I decided to watch the movie Pearl Harbor. This movie combines fictional characters with historical characters to make a war movie with a love story for a twist. In the scenes that involved war reenactments, the movie was depicted accurately. The movie producers took great care in making sure that all the battle scenes were as true to life as possible, to try to make the audience feel as if they were right within the depths of the pacific fleet and under attack by Japan.

There were several characters that appeared within the movie, some real and some fictional. Characters Rafe McCauley (played by Ben Afflek), Danny Walker (played by Josh Harnett), and Evelyn Johnson (played by Kate Beckinsale) were all fictional characters. Even though none of them ever existed, they all help the movie gain a plot that kept moviegoers watching for the two and a half hour long film. They played a very important role within the movie by creating a love triangle set within a raging war. There were however several real historical characters that appeared within the movies action. Doris “Doire” Miller (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) was the first African American to receive the naval cross. Captain Dolittle (played by Alec Baldwin) was a real army captain within the United States Army in World War II that helped take revenge on Japan with the Dolittle raid that was a real attack on Japan. Japanese general Yamaoto, who really did come up with the attack on Pearl Harbor and it starting World War II was also depicted in this movie. President Roosevelt, (played by Jon Voight) who did a great job of showing the true spirit of how our president really felt about taking action against Japan to give revenge for the thousands of fallen men and women who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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The Movies depiction of the attack on Pearl Harbor was true to the actual events. The depiction of the United States retaliation on Japan was accurate in showing the Dolittle raid. Not only does this movie depict military events well, but also does a wonderful job of making the movie within its era of 140’s believable. The women wore long skirts and little makeup. The people drove old classic cars, for example the “woody”, and homes were not as flashy and showy as the ones today. The naval technologies were just starting to grow, so ships and planes just had the basics needed for defense and navigation.

I liked this movie, but I wish it had been more war footage, facts, and less love story. One critic labeled this movie as “Thirty minutes history and two and a half hours of a sappy love triangle”. This love story was the basic story of when a guy meets a girl and they fall for each other, then for some reason the guy has to leave. The girl tries to move on with life and keep him as her only love when another guy comes along, but just when you think there going to be together the first guy shows up out of nowhere. This love triangle made the movie both boring and interesting for me. I’m not sure if that is possible, but that is how I felt when I got through watching it. I liked this movie and I hope that others will like it too.

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