Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned...

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I have learned many thing in my life over the years and I have been influenced by friends and family in many positive ways. Over time, I have learned to be very independent. My parents have raised me to know the difference between right and wrong in the many different types of situations life has to offer. They helped me along the way to have confidence in my future. In this I have no doubt in my mind I will make it in my quest for College. I know that I can control my life and it is my own personal choices that affect where I stand the most.

I know that I am definitely responsible enough to be on my own. I am not scared about losing my way in College at all, and failure is not in my sight. I know my friends and family will always be there for me. Well, at least until my death, but that doesn’t need to be worried about today or the nearest days to come. Even when they’re not around to lend an ear to listen or a shoulder to have sorrow upon, I know I have a strong enough will to make it on my own. I believe I have enough knowledge and understanding about how the world works to not be afraid of what may come.

I am glad that my parents and other elders have taught me how to be an independent person and have faith in my own abilities. It is obviously a very useful and admirable characteristic to have. Being independent and having confidence in myself and my abilities is something that I will pass on to my own offspring, should I have any in the future. I want my future children to be able to handle themselves responsibly in the big bad world just as I have learned to. By realizing how to be responsible, they will be able to be more independent.

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I have learned many other things but nothing has been so useful and empowering as being an independent individual and having the maturity to handle myself in whatever situation the rest of my life may throw my way. College will most definitely be one of the most challenging test of my abilities so far, but the smallest of fears cannot scratch upon the surface of my will power to conquer the task at hand. Though I may fear the future, and the uncertainties it holds, I also know I have desires that are strong enough to keep me going without a doubt.

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