Friday, December 16, 2011

The Most Challenging Experience in My Life

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Short term mission was the most challenging experience in my life. Of course my religion is Christianity and I was saved on March nd, 000. I was very struggling while I was living in the environment that I have never been involved. Even though I have gone to Christian school and learned how I am supposed to do in worldly environment, that was only the teaching affected in the Christian society. Once I was living and working after graduating from the school, all the temptations from the worldly things that I did not do was come to me. I thought I would get over it easily, but little by little I was able to see myself falling into the temptations. I was doing the same thing over and over even though I did not want to do, and I began to loose my control over that. Around that time, my friend who was truly born again came into my life, and she was preaching the gospel to me. The book, The Secret of Forgiveness of Sin and Born Again, which she gave to me, taught me that I was not born again even though I was raised in the Christian family and went to church over 0 years. From the reading, I was able to see myself born again truly. Before and after born again was totally different, and the biggest change was that God was centered in my life not myself. Before born again I was the king in my life always, if I wanted to do, I do, and if I am happy, that¡¯s good. However from then, my whole life was led by God. That¡¯s why I decide to be short term missionary for one and half years, even though I had fairly nice job, systems engineer in computer field. If I was not saved, I would rather choose the job that was my biggest goal in my life before, than the short term missionary. I couldn¡¯t help but to follow his heart that was given in my heart.

I learned most that there were many people who were struggling in their life just same as I was and they are definitely need the gospel that I heard to be born again. When I went to New York City to be trained, I used to have a lot of time to preach the gospel or to have some fellowship. There were various people living in various lives. However, there was a similarity among them, and it was that there were some troubles in their lives. You may ask, ¡°Is there something wrong with some troubles we have? Where is the one who don¡¯t have any troubles?¡± What I want to say is they don¡¯t know how to salve that kind of troubles. Of course, there are some little problems that they can handle, but I am saying what if those are Chan Kim, something that you cannot handle anymore. I saw many people who were very struggling because of those troubles, and they did not even know why they have those kinds of troubles and how they can salve those. However, what I saw from them after preaching gospel or having some fellowship about Jesus was happiness, thankfulness, satisfaction, and smile from their face. I was able to see that their burdensome were passed over to Jesus and they don¡¯t have those burdensome anymore. When I saw that they are changing, that gave me fulfillment and the same thing that they have felt out of it. My people think the money is the best thing to have, but they don¡¯t know they are having a lot of troubles out of it. What I can say to those kinds of people is the Jesus Christ is the key for any kinds of situation.

There would be some problems if I would do differently such as choosing the job instead of the short term mission. I can make some money and save some of it for my future, but what if I have some accidents or some disease so that I have to spend all the money. The money I have earned up to that point is gone. Of course, this is only an example, but who knows what will happen tomorrow. This choice is limited and insecure. However, the experience I had is something different than normal one. There is no limitation and secure because God, who is Chan Kim, the background of choice, is the ultimate key for everything, even though you may believe it or not. I may not earning the money as much as the job I used to had so that I may live in good shape, but I have experienced a lot of time that God is filling my needs when I pray for it so that I don¡¯t feel that I am poor. By this experience, my eyes were opened from the one focused thing to see lots of more valuable things in my life.

I really would like to share this experience with many others by preaching the gospel. However, before the others are having this experience, they first have to be born again in order to lead the others from the darkness. The blinds will lead the blinds to the pit all together. Your eyes have to be opened first so that you may lead the others¡¯ eyes to be opened too. It may seems that it¡¯s boring and getting tired soon, but when you are actually doing it, you cannot say that because everything you need to be a short term missionary is providing by God strongly.

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As I said earlier, this experience was totally given from God so that He wants to save others who I met. I can say that I became a tool of God. It seems that I have a choice whether or not to have this experience, but I did not have a Chan Kim, choice. God Himself was giving me His heart, ¡°Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation!¡± God had right to do anything over my life, and seriously I am no longer exist, but God is in my heart and is the king in my heart so that the choice is up to him but not to me. One and half years could be short or long enough, but I can say this period was the most valuable time in my life.

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