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Montana - Davids childhood and loss of innocence

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In the summer of 148 David Hayden is a 1 year old boy living an innocent childhood.

However, as the season changes, so does David’s perception of the world around him. The

dramatic events that occurred revealed to David so much of the dark-side of life, in

particular of his family, that he was somewhat forced prematurely into an adult

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understanding of what life can be like.

At the beginning of the novel David loves his life in Bentrock. He has a nanny who he

adores, is part of one of the most respected families in the town, and he amuses himself

in such an innocent way. As he says in the text he “did what the boys usually did…rode


He was just a young-boy living a carefree life, as you’d expect of a 1 year-old.

However, when David first heard the shocking accusations about his uncle and discovered

the truth behind his hero, his mentor if you like, his life as he knew it was never going to

be the same.

In the beginning of the novel David sees his uncle as a valuable and highly respected

resident of Bentrock. He was the local doctor, a returned serviceman and admired

enormously by his father, family, and Montana residents. David never believed his Uncle

could be capable of committing anything sinister. Mind you, I don’t think he believed

anyone could be, as no crimes were ever really

committed in Bentrock. His uncles secrets opened his mind up to things he never knew

went on, and showed him that people aren’t always who you think they are.

David’s perception of his Dad is the total opposite however. He always thought of his dad

as weak and not really good enough. He always compared him to his brother (David’s

uncle Frank) where he was always going to be found as inferior. When David sees what

his father has to sort out and the problems and devastation he faces with his family, he

starts to see him as courageous and honourable. I guess this is because he learns that

appearance, being a mans man, and hero status are not always important. What really is

important in life is one’s morals and decency.

The more in-depth and complicated the situation became with the Hayden family, the

more Wes and Gail began to rely on David. They relied on him to be mature and take

some of the pressures of looking after him off them.

David began to kind of understand and realise that life wasn’t all care-free and innocent

and he particularly showed this in the novel when he said “looking at the dead birds eye, I

realised that these strange, unthought-of connections � sex and death, lust and violence,

desire and degradation � are there, there deep in even a good hearts chambers.”

When you think about it, David has been forced to understand and accept sexual abuse,

murder, family problems and losing the things he loves in life.

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