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The book Matilda is about a girl who is treated badly. She finds out that she can do magic and she usually uses it when she is mad, but occasionally if someone needs it, she uses it to help them. With the magic she taught herself she drives her parents crazy! In school she is a genius and her parents don’t care. She has a principle, Miss Trunchbull, who hates kids. She treats them like they are nothing. On the other hand, she has a teacher, Miss Honey, who is the nicest person Matilda ever met. She spent most of her time with her. I would say this book is very exciting, adventurous, and depressing.

Matilda is exciting because throughout the whole book, she keeps you going with all of her adventures. You always think she is going to get caught, but then she doesn’t. She is a very sneaky girl. Matilda is very curious about things having to do with Miss Honey. She takes many risks for her and loves her a lot.

It is adventurous because of all of the adventures that she goes on. On one of them, she goes to Miss Trunchbull’s house to get some of Miss Honey’s old belongings. She almost gets caught, but she sticks it out. She even gets to play around with Miss Trunchbull’s mind a little. She messes with all of the clocks in her house, makes an old picture of Miss Honey’s dad come flying down the stairs at her, and she moves her furniture around a little.

It is depressing because of her living style. She gets mistreated by her family. Matilda does all of the chores and waits on her family hand and foot. They make her get them drinks, fix their meals and she barely ever gets to have fun.

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I recommend Matilda to just about anybody. It is a very fun book to read, and it keeps you very entertained. Matilda is a classic that is great for family reading. If you like books that are exciting, adventurous, and depressing, then you would like Matilda.

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