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The main contents of a good story include a storyline, a thickening plot, and a compelling conclusion. However a story is not really complete unless it contains a set of unique characters, which almost create the story itself. Whether the character is heroic in overcoming obstacles and saving lives, or evil in creating obstacles and destroying lives they tend to play a major role in the outcome of the story. In Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello, arrays of characters are introduced to the readers. One of the main characters, Iago, depicts a man of evil, malice, and destruction.

Othello, a high ranking Moor, was supposed to make Iago his lieutenant when he was settled into his position. However Othello saw a man named Cassio better fit for the position. Iago was extremely jealous, and immediately began seeking revenge. Later on in the story, Iago began hearing talk among the town that Othello had slept with his wife, Emilia. This did nothing less than fuel his already incinerating anger towards Othello. Carefully plotting Othello’s payback, Iago had his wife take a cherished handkerchief from Desdemona, Othello’s wife. This handkerchief would be planted in Cassio’s belongings where Othello would find it and further believe Iago’s “suspicion” of Desdemona’s unfaithfulness. At the same time Iago persisted that Desdemona plead with Othello to return the lieutenant position to Cassio, after he lost it in a fight which was staged by none other than Iago himself. Eventually, Iago’s deceit came into the light and when his Emilia started to see what was going on, Iago killed her. Othello, believing that his beloved wife desired Cassio, killed her, and eventually himself when he discovered the foul play of Othello.

In his path of destruction, Iago stopped at nothing to get revenge on Othello. Lives were taken and ultimately destroyed all at the cost of one man’s raging jealousy. His reasons for being angry at Othello were without a doubt reasonable. The actions that he took, however were far beyond rational, and should have been reconsidered thoroughly.

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