Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hardware and software analysis

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This project is consisting of developing a solution for the inventory control for a company where they control their inventory. This writer has been asked to review all software and hardware guidelines that fall into place from the beginning of the project to the end.

This outline has given us a scenario of a micromanaged facility were all inventory order’s flow down hill. Someone first orders the inventory from a company calling or meeting with a salesman and then the salesman does the order. The salesman works in every department including delivery, ordering department, pullers, and drivers. The problem they have is that in order for a company to request inventory they must stay in contact with numerous people. Using the following chart as an example of the order distribution at the beginning before our recommendations.

Based upon what has been shown above, it is clear that the way this company did

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Business is not profitable and inventory loss is evident.

First a glossary has been put together to explain terms that will be used throughout

this document. Hardware and software inventory would start through the System

Management Server (SMS) and inventory operations will be performed on the site server.

Inventory data loader processes inventory information as it arrives at the site server from the clients, when a child site is first attached to its parent site, inventory data loader extracts all client inventory from the SMS site database and then passes all information back to the site server, so all distributors are connected at all times. This then allows for an inventory check to be accomplished from any site by simple clicking in the program, the results would be, yes, inventory is available or no, you must order it.

When initial start up of this project it appeared that there was no real understanding of how we were to do the project. We were going in all directions sort of like the flow chart above. Now we have outlined are individual parts, started working towards a common goal and the end result will show the work that we have put together into this report.

Here is where we stop for now. More thought is needed and will be expressed next week. Reviewing all input from everyone in the group helps us to be organized, allows for correct input and output. There is just no one person who worked alone in our group, we worked as one unit and will continue as such. Great job by all involved.



System Management Server- Inventory operations performed on the site server


Management Information File- A standard designed by the Desktop Management Task Force for exposing data. In SMS, a text file that contains client inventory data to be sent to the SMS site database.


Discovery Data Records- The file format and the actual file in which discovery data is reported to the SMS site database.


Client Component Installation Manager- An SMS client component that is responsible for ensuring that each client is correctly installed and assigned to the correct site. This client component also keeps the client data and the SMS site server data synchronized by creating discovery data records and determines which optional components should be installed.

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