Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the divine wind

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The Japanese emperor was considered to be divine so when japans military swept through the area it was in their eyes like a divine wind.

The divine as a title could of meant many different things if you haven’t read the book as for me i thought it might of been like a tornado or hurricane of some sought. After reading the book it would prove this assumption wrong yet has a bit of similarities like the destruction side of things, both created by a divine or great power and both could make people take vastly different views on life.


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friendship and the betrayal of friendship how friends stick together fall apart cause great pain and heal the strongest hurt.

Racism the mistreatment of others because of their race.

Choice how choice can take you down good paths and bad.

The darkness in human nature poeple arent always nice and that everyone has a less

Appealing side that can cause difficulties.

War and its casualties the casualties in loss of life and friendship.

Perception, reality and emotional honesty people sometimes see things the way they want to and not the way that they are and they lie to themselves and play there emotions.



Hartley Penrose-Narrator

Hartley is a bit to much of a thinker than doer he would think so much on what he should do that he misses his opportunity to do it he loves Australia and the outback he also loves Mitsy, he has a deep feelings for this girl throughout the story

Michael Penrose-father of Hartley he is a smart man who has done a good job of raising his children to not take part in the racism that surrounds them he was a master lugger until he made a bad decision then he sold his assets of that area after words

Mitsy (Mitsu)- Harts friendLove

Mitsy is a smart character who is outgoing and values her family and their background she is portrayed as a little bit ti perfect compared to the other characters who seem to have many flaws that make them human

Alice-Hartley’s sister

Alice is a strong character and stands up for what she believes and doesn’t let anyone get in her way

She ahs a definite personality and ideas due to this.

Jamie Killian

An eager character who thrives for action he is a strong doer compared to Hartley who is more of an other thinker.


Start-Ida gets hart in trouble with mitsy for not sticking up for her-Ida moves to England to take care of parents then dies in bombing incident-alioce gets with carl venning - Jamie Killan comes to town

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