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Have you ever had that feeling in your life that youve seen something you have done before, and knows exactly what is going to happen next. And you say to yourself ¡°I just got the creepiest feeling that I have been here before¡±. It happens to me and it has probably happened to you.

Dejavu is a strong sense of familiar situation of an event with every detail that has happened before, knowing that the event is unique. The experience is frequently surprising and is often overcome of a sense of unreality. Most people experience dejavu at some point in their lives as the surveys indicate that a majority of people has experienced at least one period of dejavu.

If you are still confused of about what I am talking about, I will show you an example.

Say, you are traveling to England for the first time. You are having a tour and suddenly it seems as if you have been in that very spot before. Or maybe you are having a meal with a group of friends, discussing some topic, and you have the feeling that youve already experienced this very thing, same friends, same meal, and same topic. Or walking into a place you¡¯ve never been and thinking wow Ive been here already... or I did this already.

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Some time in our life, we experienced the feeling that over comes us occasionally, of what we are saying and doing having been said and done before, at a particular time surrounded by the same faces, objects, and circumstances, and you know perfectly what will be said next.

Do you know what I mean? To put it into words, it is a sudden and brief moment that leaves our mind confused. While the experience is striking in its clearness and detail, it is difficult to recapture or recount. Generally, it is left unexplained and is described in a fuzzy feeling, often followed by Wow, I just got the strangest dejavu.

In all of its uncertainty, dejavu is still a puzzling phenomenon that has not yet been fully explained. The key to understanding the dejavu is uncovering one of the many keys to the role of the conscious self in the functioning of the brain.

But, what exactly is causing these funny situations we call it dejavu?

There are several theories about dejavu as a simple fantasy or wish fulfillment, while others describe mismatching in the brain that causes the brain to mistake the present for the past. But many theories support that it is related to a past-life experience. But the dejavu I¡¯ve experienced were in a recent time where I was surrounded by familiar surroundings which doesn¡¯t fit the theory that my brain mistakes the present as a past life experience. Obviously, there is more investigation to be done.

It shows that about one third of the population had the most common form of dejavu experience. Simply, it is situations that experiences of having done something or having been in an identical situation before and knowing what will happen next. The experience is often incredibly detailed and is usually connected to very normal day routines. Although dejavu, itself lasts from only a fraction of a second to several minutes.

Dejavu is obviously a big mystery in scientific and artistic exploration and maybe time will tell the answer. What was your last dejavu experience??

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