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chronic persistant hunger

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Famine means having no food at all. The majority of all famine cases are caused by man made or natural disasters such as war drought and earth quakes. By planning for these disasters the problem of famine could be significantly reduced. Such planning would involve predicting what’s going to happen, where it’s going to happen, how many people are likely to be effected or involved, what recourses are going to be needed when the disaster occurs (food, money and medical supplies) and who’s going to need to help (doctors, nurses, aid workers and people to help rebuild the land and homes of people effected) or even in some cases, preventing the disaster from happening. The effects of famine can be reduced but even if famine was eradicated this would only rid the world of 10% of all hunger deaths.

The much larger contributing factor to deaths caused by hunger is chronic persistent hunger this is a silent, day to day killer that takes the lives of 0 000 people every day, ¾ of whom are children under the age of 5.(1) A staggering 800 million people live in the condition of chronic persistent hunger. In developing countries, 60% lack basic sanitization, % don’t have access to clean water and 1. billion people around the world live on less than $1 u.s.

The vast majority of people suffering from chronic persistent hunger are women. Approximately 80% of the worlds refugees are women and children, / of the worlds illiterate are female. Despite women working / of the worlds working hours, producing half the world’s food, women only earn 10% of the world’s income and own a minuscule 1% of the world’s property. In developing societies women are most affected by hunger, they eat last and least. Those suffering form chronic persistent hunger are not suffering due to a shortage of food, the world produces more than enough food for everyone.

Developing countries rely heavily on the export of a lot of the produce grown in their country, foods such as sugar cane, rice, tea and coffee. Enough nutritious foods are produced in many of the developing countries but it’s not staying in the country its being exported to richer countries like America, Australia and England. Hungry people are being made to rely on donations from organisations and the government. The environment in which they live, for instance, the amount of rain determines the outcome of crops, and the severity of the diseases and the amount of treatment available.

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Diseases such as malaria and aids are killing hundreds of thousands of African people every year. These diseases are being so widely spread because of the conditions in which they live. Whole communities are being infected with malaria because of unhygienic conditions

Chronic persistent hunger sufferers shouldn’t be considered as the problem. The world does not have 1 billion mouths to feed- it has 1 billion hard-working, courageous human beings who’s creativity and productivity must be unleashed. Hunger is an ongoing problem because people lack the opportunity to bring their own hunger to an end.

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