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Amanda Persoal Goals

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Amanda’s Personal Goals

Adults are seeking to continue their education for one reason or another. They may want to obtain a degree, change careers, or challenge themselves. However there is one student attending the University of Phoenix, who has quite a few goals to accomplish. Amanda Marvin has not been is school for over 7years. Just remembering the basics is going to be difficult for her.

Amanda will have to make sacrifices and uneasy decisions to accomplish her goals. Spending less quality time with her daughter Victoria, or getting a bachelors degree at The University of Phoenix, is a difficult choice. They are both of equal importance. However, only one will help both of them succeed in a more secure life style.

Victoria will be starting school soon. Now that Amanda is back in school she will be more of an asset to Victoria throughout her school years. Showing her that a good education is essential to a better way of life. Helping Victoria learn her study skills encourages her to become a better student. Thus Victoria will have a mentor.

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Teamwork is a vital skill Amanda needs to improve upon. This is important at home and in a professional environment. This is a skill she can teach Victoria at a young age. Victoria will be able to use this in her everyday activities. More and more they are rediscovering the importance of teamwork in the world of employment. Amanda applies teamwork skills in her career now. Amanda wants to strengthen these skills to be more affective and productive in her professional

career. Attending The University of Phoenix will help Amanda develop the skills needed to succeed in today’s work force.

Oral and written communication will affect Amanda’s home life and career everyday. These skills are necessary to help Amanda grow as an individual. By growing in these areas, it will allow Amanda to communicate with Victoria on a more personal level. Written communication is going to be the biggest obstacle for her to accomplish. Language is not one of her strengths. With diligence and hard work Amanda plans to turn these areas into strengths. This will open the door for Amanda to effectively communicate in a variety of situations, where she once was not able to. Amanda will be more valuable to Victoria and her employer.

Another objective of Amanda’s while attending the University of Phoenix will be to advance her proficiency with technology and computer software. Amanda has chosen the field of information technology to study at the University of Phoenix. It is very critical that she increases her knowledge of technology and computer software. Learning these skills will help her in the curriculum at the University of Phoenix. Advancing in these areas will make Amanda a valuable asset to co-workers and her employer. Victoria will be able to learn computer skills from Amanda at an early age. This will benefit Victoria in her education and professional career, in the years to come.

A change in career financially would be the best thing that could happen to Amanda. She will be able to provide a better living environment for Victoria and herself. Victoria will have the opportunity to go to a school with a better

curriculum. Being more financially secure would mean a more stress free life for Amanda. She will have a great opportunity to further her education, and go for her master’s degree.

Amanda has a lot of hard work to accomplish these goals of hers. When she does her self esteem will go up. She will have gained a great morale and a new positive out look on life. All Amanda wants, “is to be able to provide a better way of life for Victoria, who is everything in the world to her.” All of Amanda’s goals include her daughter; she is her primary motivation in life. The main reason Amanda has chosen to continue her education is for her daughter. Thanks to the University of Phoenix her goals now can be accomplished.

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