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Fast Furious is a sequel to the 001 hit The Fast and the Furious, the action this time takes place in Miami, Florida as Paul Walker’s character which is Brian O’ Connor is needed to once again apply his amazing driving skills to get into a bad guy’s inner circle. But first he must get a partner and who better than his old time buddy Roman Pearce which is Tyrese. Together they must pass an audition, Brian and Roman are asked to deliver a large amount of money to a secluded point while out smarting and out driving what seems like hundreds of Miami PD police squad cars. In my eyes this movie is one heck of a fun ride.

This film isn’t as serious as the original film. First of all, Brian O’Connor is no longer carrying a badge because he let the bad guy go in the first film. That frees him up to dip into the dark side of street racing and makes him a much more interesting actor. The bad guy this time around is a big time sleaze who has no good personality whatsoever. Also gone is Vin Diesel, instead Tyrese puts out charm and personality and is a great partner with Paul Walker. Tyrese is clearly enjoying every moment in this film and it shows. He is given the funniest lines and definitely has great qualities.

Eva Mendes looks great as an undercover customs agent who may or may not have went completely bad, and Cole Hauser also does a good job of spicing it up as Roman Verone. The action scenes are also well done. Each sequence delivers a new wrinkle to keep it fresh and exciting. The final sequence is truly amazing just in the responsibility of what the crew had to pull off in the number of vehicles required to make it work. I swear it looked like every bit of 500 amazing rides. It was awesome!!! The Director is John Singleton, who directed his unforgettable debut Boyz N the Hood. This man does know how to direct a movie.

In conclusion Fast Furious is what a sequel should be at least I think so. There’s gun’s, car chase’s, as much skin as a PG-1 rating allows and lots of laughs. That is why I give Fast Furious a 10 out of 10.

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