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The roles of make-up arists witin film and television

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The role of an Assistant make-up artist

The assistant make-up artist � in films and television � assists and facilitates the work of the chief make-up artist/ make-up artist. The assistant would usually attend to minor cast members and extras (depending on the size of the cast). The assistant make-up artist applies make-up to faces and bodies and sees to the requirements of the ‘crowds’ (extras etc). The assistant make-up would also touch up make-up between takes and as required. The assistant make-up may also be asked to help the chief / make-up artist with applying and removing prosthetic make-up such as ‘ageing’, burns or wounds etc. The assistants’ work also depends on the nature of the script. The assistant may also be asked to do administrative work such as paperwork related to the department.

The role of Make-up Assistant Within the BBC

When working for the BBC the make-up assistant is to work to the instructions of the make-up designer/chief artist. And can usually expect to be put on ‘stand by’ on set to carry out checks and adjustments for continuity with the cast. They can also expect to assist in the general organisation of the department. The assistants may be required to contact artists, arrange wig fittings or accompany artists to hair salons. They may also be asked to carry out make-up trials; maintain wig and facial hair pieces; carry out make-up application; cut and dress artistes hair to maintain continuity; help organise the make-up and hair schedule; maintain the make-up kit and workroom facility to the required standard of health and safety practice. Additional make-up artists may be contracted in on a daily basis when there are additional cast to support. This is usually done with freelance assistants that the make-up artist/designer select.

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The role of Chief Make-up / Make �up Artist within the BBC

The make-up designer employed by the BBC is on a freelance basis. The make-up designer is responsible for all pre-production make-up organisations. They are also expected to oversee or apply all principle hair and make-up in the production. In some cases the designer may not be needed for the overview of hair, as make-up and hair responsibilities may be divided and specialists in each area contacted.

Work is varied for the designer, as what they are required to do depends on the content and scale of each production. It is this that demands that the make-up designers have a broad knowledge and experience of many practical and technical processes. The make-up designer can be required to produce anything from straightforward conventional make-up and hairdressing techniques, such as for a presenter, newsreader etc, to ageing, special effects, period and creature make-ups. Each task will vary and will require the designer to posses skill and specialist technique knowledge and application methods. The tasks may range from complex body painting and tattoos to specialised prosthetic application to re-creating a specific period in time. It is necessary for the make-up designer very good knowledge of period make-up and hair, and also has a very high level of skill and dexterity when it comes to make-up and hair style/ application. The BBC also thinks its very helpful if the designer enjoys working as a team under pressure and is confident and positive when working with cast members.

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