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Why the caged bird sings

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My opinion on Maya Angelou’s autobiography being a good read for women because the book is about a woman and her childhood there are also many upsetting events talked about in her life as she matures and begins to grow up. It is a better read for women than for men because it is happening to someone of the same sex as us so we will feel more sensitive in our emotions towards her. Some males might also enjoy the novel as it may change their opinions of women after reading what women may go through and how they felt during their early years of life. This also may change their opinions towards women as this is a true story and not a single word is a lie.

In general from reading the novel i have learnt that even though i have never even thought of being racist never to become racist because black people are the same as us and they still have feelings and emotions racism causes black people to be hurt inside and their confidence to lack but Maya doesn’t let them get her down and she continues to hold her head up high and get on with life.

I also have understood more about not to letting men take advantage f you as Mr. Freeman did to Maya maybe if he read this book he too would now be concerned and think of what a dreadful thing he did even thought he shouldn’t have raped her anyway.

I didn’t know how different the coloured environment was until i read this novel and how they were treated as slaves for the whites and didn’t have anything better to do with life. I think it was a dreadful way of how to treat a human being .

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One of my favourite moments in the book was when Maya began to think she was starting to get close to Mr. Freeman and began to feel sorry for him

“I felt sorry for Mr. Freeman. I felt sorry for him as I felt for a litter of pigs born in our back yard sty in Arkansas”

Maya began to like Mr. Freeman and changed her attitude around him she began to feel wanted and began to think that Mr. Freeman was beginning to realise that she wasn’t a bad person but a little further on in the book Mr. Freeman began to take advantage of her and poor Maya thought he was doing nothing wrong how was she supposed to know that well Mr. Freeman held Maya in his arms that he had the thought running through his head of raping her. When this happened my opinions of this being a favourite moment in the book and a happy time of Maya’s life had changed dramatically from being happy way to thinking what a horrible young man her real mother had taken in to her home.

Another favourite part of the novel was when Mother’s brothers and friends gave Mr. Freeman a good going over for hurting Maya and her mother in such an unwanted way i liked the way they made him feel ashamed. Whether the beating was necessary or not if Maya was my daughter I would do exactly the same thing.

Yes i think Maya’s past experiences will have changed her life and made her the woman she his today.

The rape by Mr. Freeman would have changed her opinions of males and may have caused her never to be able to trust any man again.

The way Momma and all the other residents of Stamps may have been used as slaves she might have learnt to stand on her own two feet and never have anyone run around after her as she has had experience of what it is like to be a slave.

Her relationship with Momma, Mother, Father, and Bailey may have changed the way she will never give up her children to go and stay anywhere else un les urgently needed. Her relationship with her brother Bailey would have encouraged her to make her children that’s if she has any of course bond closely because she knows what it is like to have someone you can confined in apart from a adult or parent.

Now i have started to read about this womans life i want to carry on reading about her and find out what else traumatic happens in her life whether she has any children or how she fetches them up to see the world as one giant fish tank with other people in it exactly the same as them never mind the colour if their skin or religion. I would also like to find out how the rape she discovered in her childhood if it has changed her attitude towards men etc.

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