Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turkish Economy

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Turkish economy is getting worse and worse everyday. There are some reasons, such as dishonest politicians who are governing the country. Turkish money is loosing value everyday, because of wars and international problems. It is bothering me because it affects my country and most importantly it affects my family.

Turkish political leaders do not change so often. In every election time the politicians who are making the same mistakes over and over again, are trying to keep their position and their power in their hands, so that they can rule the country and enforce their rules according to their own benefits and ideology. Another aspect why the same political leaders are getting elected is, the lack of new faces in the political arena. Instead of finding solutions to main issues they are increasing the tax rates in order to fill up their own pockets. They even interfering with the stock market , for that people are loosing respectable amount of money and their savings. The government distributes the taxes returns to, education, military, etc, like every other country. The only ironic situation here lies in the fund that the military get, the military gets near to 60% of the tax returns. That’s so weird since the global environment turned itself to a more economical base structure, so we definitely don’t need to buy any of the mass destruction weapons for our country.

Turkish money loses value everyday. Even smaller countries money value is higher than my currency. For example, one dollar equal to 1,400,000TL or other example is, in United States four gallon gas is one dollar or little higher than dollar, but in Turkey people get one liter gas with one dollar(4 Liters is equal to one gallon). Also, the value of money is decreasing, but prices getting higher because of the taxes, so people started to lose their job and even people whose graduated from university are not able to find a job. Even big companies start losing their job because they can’t sale enough to make a profit and also they pay for workers and that makes them to shut down the company.

Country can be affected from other events such as wars or diplomatic problems with other countries. For example, America had a war with Iraq and that war effected most of the countries in the world. Turkey lost so many things because our political leaders couldn’t decide what to do. First, they want to send our soldiers then they changed their minds. It is not game if they can’t make their minds of course our economy will get worse. Because of not deciding what to do it affects the relationship between the countries. For example, people think we are bad or something like that. I said that because even we helped United States and some American people told me that after they finished with Iraq, Americans are going to get your country because of that we can get idea about how people think about relations.

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