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..1 Introduction to Portal

Portal is a new term, generally synonymous with gateway, for a World Wide Web site that is or proposes to be a major starting site for users when they get connected to the Web or that users tend to visit as an anchor site. There are general portals and specialized or niche portals. Some major general portals include world players such as Yahoo, Excite, Netscape, Lycos, CNET, Microsoft Network, and America Onlines Examples of local general portal are and

Besides general portals, there are also niche portal that are interest or industry specific. Niche portal offer content, products and services which are targeted to the specific interest of a group of people with common interest. Examples of niche portals include (for gardeners), (for investors), and (for Windows NT administrators). is a niche portal for tourism industry trade member and consumer.

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Category Proposed services offered

Information Places to go, Featured destination, Quick facts about Malaysia, Calendar of Events, Weather

Search and Reservation Hotels, Tour Packages, Best Buys, Rent-A-Car, Flight, Eating out

Community Newletters, E-mail, Brochures, Forum, Chat, Links


Souvenirs from Malaysia, E-Cards, Book Guide

About Us

Feedback, Contact, Customer Service, Company Profile, eSponsor, ePartner, Advertising


...1 Places to go


Complete listing of all tourist destinations in Malaysia. Includes picture and narrative.


Foreign and Domestic visitors will be able to preview the full range of Malaysia tourist destinations. Search facility will enable users to search and sort according to state and type i.e beach, temples, museum, hills, islands in a specified state.

... Featured destination


Every week a selected tourist destination will be featured and appear on the front-page of our portal.


The purpose of this service is to help highlight and advertise the selected tourist location.

... Quick facts about Malaysia


Contain general information about Malaysia such as government, geographical location, economic and many others.


Offer first time visitors to Malaysia some “start-up” information to get to know the country.

...4 Calendar of Events


Complete listing of all scheduled events that would be of interest to domestic or foreign tourist.


This information can help travelers to plan their trip. TIP will also alert or send a reminder about the event to the specified e-mail.

...5 Search for Hotels


This is a complete listing of hotels in Malaysia especially those affiliated with Malaysia Association of Hotels (MAH). Include standard image, room rates, facilities offered and how to get there.


MAH members and non-members can now promote their accommodation services effectively through our services. They can also announce on special promotions, offers and events. Visitor will be able to preview the most comprehensive listing of hotels in Malaysia. They can also make online reservation with credit cards and enjoy special discounts.

...7 Search for Tour Package


An up- to-date listing of tour packages offered by Malaysia Association of Travel and Tours Agent (MATTA). Include tour details and pricing.


The internet marketing potentials will be easily and cheaply accessible to MATTA members. They can also expect an increase in promotional exposures for their services and tour packages. For the visitors, the will be able to preview the latest tour packages and make reservation.

...8 Search for Best Buys


Listing of best buys from the Hotel, Tour, Rent-A-Car and Flight listings.


Tourism trade member when necessary would offer special discounts and promotion deals. This special offer will featured in this search category.

... Search for Rent-A-Car


Listing of car for rent which can be searched by location.


Visitor can make online reservation and preview car for rentals. Information includes rental term and conditions, collection/drop-off point, car details and pricing. Also includes image.

...10 Search for Flight


Listing of flights


Travelers can search for the cheapest fare and make online reservation.

...11 Eating out


Listing of selected restaurants which is approved by MOCAT. Search engine can sort according to location and type of food. Also includes how to get there information.


Visitors can look for the best food in town, preview menu and make online reservation.

...1 Newsletters


This is a free industry newsletter, which is published fortnightly. Contains industry news, advertisement and other relevant information.


A complimentary free product for registered web visitors. The main purpose of this newsletter is two. Firstly, to promote dissemination of information amongst the tourism community. Secondly, to act as marketing tool to compile email addresses.

...1 E-Mail


Free email for MATTA and MAH members as well as registered visitors.


A mailing list of tourism trade members can promote communication.

...14 Forum


Online discussion on selected topic and question.


Help to highlight tourism industry issues and promote exchange of ideas.

...15 Online shopping


Contains three main categories Souvenirs from Malaysia, Travel books and Free items.

Souvenirs from Malaysia displays Malaysian made products/handicraft which are usually tourist favorites. Travel books is a listing of useful publication on travel and tourism in Malaysia. Free items are collection of free brochures.


Visitors can shop online and request for free brochures.

Summary The Business Model

Strategy 1

Travel suppliers to market their products and services through e-commerce.

How to gather detailed and up-to-date product and services information the cheapest and fastest way?

Strategic Affiliation

Participation by hotels and travel agencies encouraged through affiliation with the Malaysia Hotel Association (MAH) and Malaysia Association of Travel and Tour Agents (MATTA).

Value for Money Services

For a minimal fees, travel suppliers will be able to leverage on the distribution and cost efficiencies of the internet to market their products.’s e-commerce engine provide travel suppliers easy access to upload and update their e-catalog in a secure real-time environment. Travel suppliers will also benefit from community building tools such as free Newsletters, free email, forum participation, free online training and online chat.

Critical Success Criteria

Support from MOCAT, MAH and MATTA crucial for two reasons

i) To gain ready access to network of Hotels and Travel Agencies.

ii) To promote trust and build credibility for e-commerce implementation.


Travelers visit site to gain access to up-to-date travel information, perform online reservation and shopping.

How to Attract Hits/Visitor/Traffic


Establish niche as the official and most comprehensive travel and tour site specifically focused on Malaysia.

Travelers enjoy discounts for reservation and purchase through the site.

Web Promotion Plan

a) Integrated and continuos promotion

1) Joint marketing with MOCAT and its agencies i.e MATTA and MAH.

a) In-house free advertisement

) E-mail marketing campaign

) Banner Exchange

4) Strategic Linking

5) Search Engine Indexing

Web Marketing Plan

b) Targeted marketing campaign

Domestic Market

i) Government workers

ii) School Children

iii) Private sector

Foreign Market


ii) ASIA

iii) Europe/Americas

Critical Success Criteria

Continuos promotion Constant review of marketing progress

Up-to-date database driven site

Please refer to Appendix 1 for details.


Competitive Advantage

a) Focused business approach

HMR business model aim not only towards revenue generation but also to address the current needs and weakness of Malaysia’s Travel and Tour industry. The focus will be to provide comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date Malaysian-based tourism related product and services.

b) Strategic support and cooperation from MOCAT

Cooperation from MOCAT and its agencies will provide the necessary jump-start and also will enhance the website image as the internet marketing agent for the nation’s Travel and Tour industry.

c) Government incentives

The Malaysian government has long been the driving force to promote IT based entrepreneur. There are very limited Bumiputra presence in this industry and thus the government through several agencies has provided various incentives to assist and promote Bumiputra participation in the IT industry.

d) Experienced management team

The project management team comprised of the best combination of skills and experience.

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