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the taste of murder

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I could never have imagined that anyone would drool as they read a fiction mystery novel. However, not too long after I plunged into Diane Davidson¡¦s novel, The Last Supper, my own taste buds were soon activated. Diane Davidson¡¦s fiction novels, namely The Last Supper, Cereal Murder, Die for Chocolate, and Tough Cookies all have plots that are cooking related. Compared to Chinese fiction, English fiction is much harder for me to finish reading. However, the way in which Davidson weaves her story has such a magical power that it kept me intrigued until the end. I admire the description of her characters, the clear, vivid pictures of her homemade cooking, and the ease of reading her rhetorical style.

Basically, the story is developed in a small town known as Aspen Meadow. Goldy, who is an opinionated single mother and a premier caterer, plays the primary role in which she resolves the mysteries with her intellect and courage. Indeed, her personal life is almost a recipe for disaster. Somehow, I found out that we seem to have something in common. In terms of traits, we both tend to be quite independent. Goldy raises her kid and runs her catering business solely. As for me, though I have never been married, I am substantially self-reliant. Flying thousands miles alone, dealing with my own business alone, going jogging outside alone when it is pitch dark, does not bother me at all. In

addition to our common personality, I was just exhilarated to learn that Goldy has

an identical interest as I do---cooking! Whenever the plot came to Goldy getting the utensils and ingredients ready, I almost had the feeling that I was there in the kitchen with her. Had I never been to the U.S during my high school year, I would never have realized that I have such a gene longing to play in the kitchen. As the stress builds up, instead of fidgeting around, Goldy bakes, which effectively relieves her frustration or anxiety . Perhaps the smell of the fresh bakery gives us comfort in an undetectable way. How I crave to play around in the kitchen as well! I admire Goldy¡¦s determination to run her catering business under the discouragement from her family. This is a trait which I think is rare in our culture and makes me admire her for her boldness. What¡¦s more, I think of her as a model woman. To compensate for any of Goldy¡¦s faults, Diane has created Schulz, to whom she renders all the nicest personality traits that make him a ¡§Prince Charming¡¨ for Goldy, as well as for me. Frankly, young girls have silly dreams about their Mr. Right occasionally. What captivates me most about Schulz is that he is an

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experienced cook. The rest of characters have their own distinct personality and are either sarcastic, sly, or big hearted. Their interactions and conversations reflect an interesting insight into their lives. Through Davidson¡¦s clever use of dialogue and descriptions, I could identify with the characters, get to know them, and love them. For me, it made reading the book much more pleasant.

In addition to the mystery of the story, I was especially fascinated by the images of the cuisine created by the author. As far as I am concerned, baking or cooking can be quite an artistic activity. The transformation from scattered flour, thawed butter or confection sugar along with other ingredients to the inviting sheets of cookies or the steaming pies always gives me thrill beyond words. They are definitely another form of art, rendering people joy in vision as well as gestation. As an old proverb states, ¡§to see is to believe.¡¨ Well, in this case, I would modify the saying to ¡§to eat is to believe.¡¨ However, Davidson is a wizard with words who knows exactly how to best portray the look and smell of food and convey them to the reader through vivid descriptions. Even without the vivid descriptions, the names of the recipes are considerably appetizing Monster Cinnamon Rolls, Savory Shrimp on Wheels, Galaxy Doughnuts, Sweetheart Sandwich, Chocolate-dipped Biscotti and so forth. Anyone, especially someone with a sweet tooth, could hardly resist taking a bite! These unique recipes are Davidson originals. I wondered if she had experimented several times in the kitchen as she was working on her novel. Frankly, I was motivated enough to want to try out her recipes for myself. Secondly, Davidson¡¦s rhetoric also made the book more enjoyable to me.

Compared to most American authors, Davidson¡¦s writing style is more

comprehensible to me. Even if I skip several slang expressions or big words, I can still follow the story line fairly well. Nevertheless, I never get tired of looking up some new words in a dictionary. In fact, reading novels is my favorite way of learning English. For instance, instead of describing an underweight person by using the word ¡§thin¡¨, I learned from Davidson that I may use ¡§lanky¡¨ as well; or, instead of ¡§telling everything¡¨, I found ¡§spilling his/her guts¡¨ more animated and interesting. I am very fond of her writing style as it is challenging, but not frustrating. Learning English vocabulary by reading her novels is much more interesting and realistic than learning from a dreary textbook. Readers of my English level, I believe, would find her style of writing educational as well as entertaining.

Conclusively, reading The Last Supper is such a delightful experience, from the standpoint of the character development, the fascinating recipes and the easy to understand rhetoric. Nonetheless, let me be honest. I can not assure you that Davidson¡¦s books possess no shortcomings. From the day that I turned to the first page, I have been missing a few buses, getting on wrong-routed buses, suffering from lack of sleep as I read the book before bed-time and struggling with an amplified appetite or hunger. Make sure you have a strong heart before you indulge yourself in one of Davidson¡¦s mysteries as it can be very breath-taking. If you are ¡§hungering¡¨ for a different type of reading experience, I would strongly suggest reading any of Diane Davidson¡¦s savory culinary mysteries. Oh, by the way, don¡¦t forget your napkin!

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