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The "Great Society" by Lyndon B. Johnson

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President Lyndon B. Johnson looked for ways to establish his own identity in the wake of Kennedy’s assassination. He wanted to fulfill the legacy of John F. Kennedy, but at the same time, wanted to express his own vision and make his place in history. He promised the “Great Society.”

The “Great Society” was built on abundance and liberty for all. Johnson’s plan also targeted ending poverty and racial injustice. Johnson made civil rights a top legislative priority and proposed a list of reforms drawn from previous administrations. This new plan deeply changed the scope and character of the federal government; it affected millions of people.

Some of the main factors that initiated President Johnson’s “Great Society” plan were increasing pressure from civil rights movements, structural poverty, growing racial polarization, triumph of the economy and the triumph of liberalism in American politics. The March on Washington in 16 drew 00,000 people to demonstrate their support for employment and freedom for African Americans. At this famous march is where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his well known “I have a dream…” speech. At the time, there were 50 million people that were considered poor. Younger and older people, women, minorities and those with no high school diploma were all found to be poor. This discovery of structural poverty is one of the main factors of the “Great Society.”

The growing racial polarization brought on many problems. In 164, also known as the “Long Hot Summer” a series of race riots broke out across the country. These riots proved that equality under law hadn’t been translated to unconditional equality. The United States was incredibly rich and confident that economic depressions were a thing of the past; this brought the triumph of the economy.

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There were four main programs that were developed by Johnson consisting of, anti-poverty programs, nurse training programs, mental health programs and a planned parent-hood program. Educational programs (Head Start, elementary, secondary, Higher Education Acts,etc), employment programs (Job Corps, CETA, VISTA) and health programs were all programs that helped fight poverty under President Johnson’s plan, the “Great Society.”

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