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The letter of Philemon was written by the apostle Paul along with Timothy as co-arthur. Paul wrote this letter to Philemon on behalf of Onesimus a run away slave. Philemon lived in Colossae and we know this because Onesimus was also Colossian which is confirmed in collosians 4. Philemon was a man known for wealth, influence, and for owning slaves. Paul wrote in his letter You have worked with us and are very dear to us. (Ehrman,p.18) It is not known exactly how he knew Philemon.But according to the lettter Paul had never visited the church at Collosae 1. Rather the Collassians learned the gospel from Epaphras, a beloved fellow servant with Paul 1-8. So it was likely that Philemon was one of Pauls converts. Paul acknowledged others in the letter also. Apphia, a christian woman was a member of Philemons household, and may have been his wife. It also included Archippus who was a christian teacher in Colasse and may have been a member of Philemons household. The purpose of this letter was that Paul wanted Philemon to forgive Onesimus and accept him as a brother of Christ, rahter than just a servant. Paul knew this could only be done if God worked in Philemons life to help him forgive Onesimus. Paul was also trying to get a subtle point across. By writing about slavery without condemning it, and he was able to do this in this short letter. There is no official dcument that states it, but it is known that Philemon did find it in his heart to accept Onesimus back and finally free him.

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