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person goals

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Life is a journey. Each of person travels on his or her own unique journey in experiencing of life. A journey is not a simple path where you are going home from work. It can be filled with bumps, potholes and roadblocks. The path has not always been cleared but if you keep your eyes open, focused on the road ahead and the experience can make all the difference. Life is a journey that would lead you to your destination. You can choose whom and where you want to be. You also have a choice to choose the road to help you get there. Goal setting will help you reach that destination. University is an information center where you can broaden the scope of your education and your view of life. Not all the information is the same, but knowing how to get the right information is important. Every University gives out different information. You need to know how to get this information and use them in correct ways. Studying at the right university will allow your interest in your chosen fields to flourish and grow.

I was raised in a very highly educated family. Receiving degrees at a well-respected university is almost expected from my family. I have had never believe a degree can help me reach my goals. Because most members of my family are highly educated and are well-respected persons, becoming someone similar is important to me. For me to become that person, I must pursue my studies in a university. To me, being an educated person and getting degree(s) can be two different things. Receiving a college degree is only one of the stepping-stones for me to reach my goals. A degree is a certificate proven to the world and to my family that I am a well-educated person. Indeed, this is not necessary always the case. Becoming a general manager in my company has always been one of my goals. I have had full of ideas on how to run the company. Already being a member of the senior management team has given me all the opportunities I am looking for in continuing my career and developing my management skills. This would not be an easy journey. I am fully prepared and committed whatever necessary to achieve it. Attending university of Phoenix will help me get the education needed to accomplish.

Universities are a good information center. It provides you with different kind of information you need to help you succeed. Picking the right university is similar like choosing a career. It is a long-term commitment. If you made the wrong decisions, your time and effort would be waste. I am confident that I have the technical skills required to perform my daily work. However, most of the projects that assigned to me have become a desirous. These projects have always become a problem. A problem not necessary needs to be ended with an unhappy ending. Communication is always the key factor of the problems. Improving my communicate skill would help minimize most of issues encountered. I also need to strengthen my analyzing/problems skill, time management skill, analyze and identify personal learning styles, presentation skill and more importantly is the critical thinking skill. These skills are crucial for me to become a general manager. After identifying my needs for an improvement, I decide to go back to school. Looking for the right university has became nightmare for me. As a working professional, the schedule of the class is impossible for me to commit. Also, I am not sure if the courses offered at the universities are what I needed. After years of searching, I have finally found the program that meets my requirements. The adult education program offers by University of Phoenix is the one I have long search for. The schedules of the classes are reasonable. I chose University of Phoenix as my information center.

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