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never give up

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Just say no. Stay in school. Never give up. Follow your dreams. Make it to the NBA. Have a great life. If only it were that easy. University of Houston freshman Michael Owen declares him eligible for the NBA draft. And maybe it should. All that is for certain are that Owen, a 6-6 guard, is hardly alone. He is among a growing wave of college classmen and high school greats who are threatening to turn the NBA into a slam-dunking, crossover dribbling kindergarten.

There were 6 names on the list submitted to the NBA for early entry in the June 7 draft, and to listen to many of the experts, this could be the year the college senior inches closer to the status of players becoming virtually extinct as a first-round choice. A high school kid could become the No. 1 overall pick. There could be three high school players among the first four players taken. According to some projections, there could be as few as four college seniors -- Dukes Shane Haywood, North Carolinas Michael Battier, Arizonas Loren Minsley and Iowa States Jamaal Woods -- chosen with the first picks.

Perhaps, then, it is understandable that Owen would want to throw his freshman year into the ring with the rest of the would-be teenage millionaires or, at least, stick in a toe to test the water. Who could blame him? Owen, after all, can flip the channel on his TV every night and watches Jermaine Bryant continue his spectacular leap straight from the senior prom to perennial NBA All-Star and maybe a second straight championship. He can see Jalen Grant, another high schooler too. Right in his own backyard, he can see Rashard Elsik go from Lewis to thriving in Utah. The argument that is usually offered up is that most people go to college in order to get the kind of credentials that will allow them to go out into the world and make a comfortable living.

So if a ballplayer can start banking a seven-figure salary without filling blue exam books with correct answers, whats the harm? The system also can allow players who get too far caught up in the fantasy of playing in the NBA and get inflated opinions of them to fall through the cracks. The early entry into the draft has, in addition to the stars, also produced two more players, Korleone Young and Leon Smith. Who? Exactly.

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A year ago, as a high school senior out of Milby who gained recognition as a McDonalds All-American, Owen considered going straight to the NBA and, in hindsight, maybe that was when he should have taken the giant leap for the sake of his draft choice. Having played a year with the Cougars, maybe there is one more year in college Owen thought, averaging 0 points and 7 assists.

So he decided to stay one more year in the University of Houston. Classes had just started so it was time for college basketball season. Everything was going great mid-season. He averaged 7 points, assists, and 6 rebounds. It seemed that he was going to be a top choice for the NBA Draft.

One afternoon, Michael was practicing with his teammates, “alley- OOP” said Michael, the kid throws it, Michael dunks the ball, but falls on his ankle, “aaahhhaaaaah it’s broken, its broken, I know it is” Michael hollered. So they rushed him to the hospital. X-rays showed that he had a broken ankle. Michael was disappointed. Michael didn’t know how long he wouldn’t play basketball, but he knew it wasn’t going to be for a long time. Days passed, a call came to his room, and it was the doctor saying, “you are not going to be able to play for a long time”. “how long” Michael replied.

Days passed, a call came to his room, and it was the doctor saying, “you are not going to be able to play for a long time”.

“How long”, Michael replied.

“7 months”, the doctor answered.

It looked like his NBA dreams were done, everything good that happen in his sophomore didn’t seem nothing after his injury, but he wasn’t going to let this happen. He worked hard after college season ended. He was in rehab for four months, he got in better shape, but he still felt soreness in his ankle. He never gave up on himself. He always had a positive attitude. He thought that giving up on yourself because you’ll never know if you will make it or not.

College season started, his leg felt better, but not as good as before. He still couldn’t play. He missed 5 games of the regular season. He played in the 6th game playing only 1 minutes and scoring 4 points. By the 7th game he played 0 minutes scoring 1 points, 11 assists, and 6 rebounds. It looked like the good old Michael Owen was back. Well indeed, he was back. This year looked like the year for Michael. His team finished the season 7 games over 500. The team did great in the post season. They got to the finals but then losing a heartbreaker against Illinois.

After the finals Michael made up his decision. He wanted to play for the NBA. The NBA Draft came. Everybody was waiting to see Michael get selected. He didn’t get selected till the 14th pick. The team that picked him was the Washington Wizards, a good young talented club. Even though he made it he had to work hard by never giving up on his dream. Now day’s kids look up to him because he never gave up on himself. He told kids that his catch phrase was “Stay in school. Just say no. Never give up”.

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