Thursday, October 13, 2011


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there is no reason to be scared,

i have been thinking about what you saidid,

it makes no sense to me,

why do you always have to be so right?,

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the feelings that i have are hard to describe,

but you cant seem to see.....


so many ways to paint a picture,

of what was said,

but i think its time to re-arrange

this puzzle in my head,

do you think that we should make a change

to our worthless lives,

or we could let it pass well you decide,

you decide.


theres not much time but its ok,

theres more to life than life i always say,

but its hard to explain,

im getting bored how bout you,

these days i feel theres nothing left to do,

just sit around all day.




weve been running circles all our lives,

its time to change direction,

and realise,

that this is something new,

but im still getting confused,

its stupid but it is true.

you just sit at home with bloodshot eyes,

watching TV,

talking bout lastnight,

then you say,

that it was all a big mistake.


and every day,

we try to find someone to blame,

for the mistakes,

that we have,

made throughout our lives and through these years of pain,

its hard to prove,

but i still,

know that its the truth,

and soon enough,

youl see it too...


now im sick of all your stupid lies,

that you say to me,

why cant you think of something that you know i wont believe

why did you have to be a bitch,

when i told you to grow up

i just wanted to tell you that i think ive had enough.



and it seems,

that the older that we grow,

the more we see,

the mistakes,

that we made throughout these years,

through these years....

these years....

these years..................



whats going through your mind,

did i seem thoughtless,

did i seem too unkind,

too many relentless lies,

too many answers that you had to find,

you always act this way,

do you think that you will realise it some day,

so what do you have to say,

all the words that you speak to me sound the same.


so let go!

of all these feelings that come crawling back to you,

and let go,

of all your friends who always turn against you,



show me the easy way,

or do the rules we follow still remain the same,

so youll have to make a change,

coz if you dont i think ill turn insane,

your starting to fall appart,

or haveyou been this way right from the start,

so youl have to find another way_________,

to set it straight,



let go, let go, let go.......many times

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