Thursday, October 13, 2011

lyric dog

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do you remember me?,

do you remember the times we had,

but that was all before you chose to take a different path,

when was the last time that you said sorry,

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it doesnt matter anymore,

your just a sillouette trying to stand out in the dark.


and now its time,

to close the door behind you,

open your eyes,

and realise,

what went wrong,

and what to do to make it right,

coz now its time to change.


lifes ment to be for fun,

but you just live it as an excuse for what you think is right,

but what you think is right,

is just an arguement,

trying to forget,

dont lie, to me,

this isnt how its sposed to be.



now its time to make a choice,

weather to hang your head and cry,

or you can get back up off the ground,

and try__to


clear your mind

of what its been thinking,

theres not much time,

youve crossed the line,

youve let it pass you by,

youve let it go for far to long____

thats why i wrote this song.

(to deany and his ex )


I cant remember why i loved you....

We never seemed to get along,

day after day youd keep complaining,

about the things that i did wrong


were on our own again,

it never seems to end,

youll just have to realise,

i just want to be friends,

understand the truth,

theres nothing left to do,

ive made my mind its very clear,

im over you.....


why did you always have to my face,

i always thought youd tell the truth,

now ive found out that your a player,

and this relationship is through...


then solo trippy bridge/other bit.....


i have always wondered if dreams could come true,

hoping all my life that id meet someone like you,

living everyday like theres no reason why,

but now i understand when i look into your eyes,

these feelings that i have are unusual to me,

and i just have to ask is your beauty just skin deep?

the rumours ive been told,

are starting to un-fold,

revealing the secrets youve kept away from me


so open up your eyes,

stop trying to fool me with your lies,

coz its not hard to see,

that all of your beauty is just skin deep,

its all skin deep.


is there any way you can change the way you act,

sensitive reactions still keep your mind intact,

selfishness is driving you to a life of hate,

so dont just stand and laugh coz you need to make a change,

now the time has come so youll have to understand,

that what i said was true try to get it through your head,

stop asking others why,

the answer lies inside,

so go ahead and find it coz it might change your life.

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