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Homo habilis is a well-known but poorly defined species. They are the oldest human species yet to have been found, whom were the first creators of tools. Evolved from the Africanus approximately million years ago, the Olduvai Hominid # 7 (OH 7) was discovered in 160 by the Leakey team in Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.

Standing at approximately 4 feet tall and weighing in at 0 pounds, the Homo Habilis were known as extremely small bodied individuals. The skull was fairly wide but low. Their cranial capacity was 674 cubic centimeters. It featured a bony bump from behind, a shelving forehead, thick brow ridges, flat facial features, thick brow ridges, and no chin. When dealing with sexual dimorphism, the males were much larger in shape than the females. The back teeth were fairly large, and the incisors were much smaller. They had large front canine which were used for shredding and cutting meat and mainly nuts

Found in 17 by B. Ngeneo from the Leakey team, at Koobi Fora, Kenya. The KNM-ER 1470 Cranium, which was labeled as a Homo rudolfensis species, is also closely related to the Homo Habilis. Only the Homo rudolfensis were much larger in body and cranium size, were much larger than the homo habilis.

Meaning “the handy man,” Homo habilis made stone tools called the Oldawan tool. By a method called direct percussion, a core stone called a biface was hit with a hammer stone to produce flakes. The biface were then made into choppers called the Oldawan pebble chopper. These dangerous hand axes and stone flakes were needed for hunting purposes and self protection.. As they mobilized through lakes and volcanic highlands in groups of 5 to 7, they used these weapons to hunt or defend themselves with and fairly large animals.

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However, most of the hunting attempts were unsuccessful. They had to rely on another eating technique, that’s where scavenging meat from animal leftovers came in handy. They waited until vouchers and hyenas finished their meals, and quickly moved in after they had left the scene. With the flakes that they created, they cracked open every bone which still had approximately 100 calories of meat hidden inside of the skeletal remains. These strips of meat were enough for a two man serving. For digging purposes, they used Ana lope horns from deer’s to dig up termites. They also ate nuts, roots, and fruits to balance out their diets.

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