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Adolf Hitler, one of the most notorious men of all time, was not only a dictator but also a man who made Germany into a superpower overnight.

Born on April 0, 188 in the small town of Braunau on the Inn River in Austria, Adolf was the son of an Austrian customs official of moderate means. During Hitler’s early youth in Linz on the Danube, his life seems to have been influenced very little by his father and mother as he usually ran wild. His father died in 10.

Adolf had a very good performance in elementary school. Soon enough he became rebellious and began failing “realschule,” a preparatory college school. After changing to another school, he withdrew from formal schooling altogether in 105. In 107, his mother died and he moved to Vienna to enroll in the famed Academy of Fine Arts. His failure to be able to pay admissions for his first and second year led to him having to quit the school, and sent him into a period of deep depression.

In May 11, in an attempt to avoid military service after failing to register for conscription, Hitler ran across the German border to Munich, but was arrested and returned back to the Austrian Police. He asked the Austrian authorities to test him for the

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draft, which he failed, so he returned back to Munich. After the outbreak of WWI, he volunteered for action in the German Army. During the war he fought on the German western front where he became a corporal. He was injured twice, and won several awards for bravery, among them the highly respected Iron Cross First Class. Although he was isolated with his troop, he seemed to enjoy his success on the front and looked back on his war experience fondly.

The end of the war suddenly left Hitler without a place or goal and drove him to join many veterans who continued to fight in the streets of Germany. In 11, he found employment as a political officer in the army in Munich. At this time Hitler attended meetings of the German Workers Party. In April 11, Hitler became head of the party and renamed it the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party. In the following years after he became leader, the German economic conditions worsened and inflation wiped out the savings of a great number of the middle class income, there was massive unemployment, and finally foreign occupation of the economically crucial Ruhr Valley, contributed to the continued rapid growth of the party. Hitler led a march on Berlin to gain control of the government, but his attempt failed and he was imprisoned in Landsberg for treason. During his prison term many of Hitler’s basic ideas of political strategy and tactics matured. Here he outlined his major beliefs in Mein Kampf, which he dictated to his loyal confidant, Rudolf Hess.


With the outbreak of world depression, the fortunes of Hitler’s movement rose rapidly. In the 10 election, the Nazis pulled 6.5 million votes and increased their parliamentary representation from 1 to 107. During the 1 presidential election, Hitler ran a close second to Field Marshall Paul Von Hindenburg and in 1 he asked Hitler to the Chancellorship to lead the coalition government of Nazis. During 14 Hitler became the Fuhrer of Germany and thereby head of state as well as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Once in power, Hitler devoted little attention to the organization and running of the domestic affairs of the Nazi state. Hitler’s first ambition was the unification of the Germanic Aryan people. Next were the natural fields of expansion which laid eastward in Poland, Ukraine and Russia, but such an expansion would involve a renewal of Germany’s historic conflict with the Slavic people. Hitler regarded fascist Italy as an ally in his crusade against Bolshevism, so he signed the Rome-Berlin Axis Pact in 16. Shortly after, he signed an anti-cominterm pact with Japan. In 17 Hitler outlined his plans of future conquest to a secret meeting of his military leaders.

During this time, Spain was having a civil war and Germany was building new weaponry. They gave the new weaponry to Franco’s rebel army to test out how they worked during warfare.

Germany withdrew from the Geneva Disarmament Conference and the League of Nations and the dreams of Hitler making an empire were now in the palm of his hand. His

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first act was to return Saarland back to the German empire. Hitler also wanted to unite all the Germanic lands again so he annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia. The Sudetenlanders in Czechoslovakia were glad and cheered, most were even overcome with emotion to see the Nazi army march through their streets. In the meantime, the Slavic Czechs in Prague and other cities throughout Czechoslovakia were angered and resisted the Nazis, since they were a young nation formed after WWI and did not want it in the hands of another empire.

After gaining Austria and Czechoslovakia, Hitler wanted more land and set his eye on Poland to gain entry into Prussia. His army attacked on September 1, 1. Hitler also made his alliance stronger with Italy and negotiated a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union. From the start, Hitler had pursued unwaveringly the objectives of his foreign policy as he had laid them down in Mein Kampf, he showed an astonishing skill in judging the mood of the European democracies and exploiting their weaknesses. At this time, Hitler had assumed direction of the major strategy of the war. When the success of his campaign in Poland failed to lead to peace negotiations, Britain and France declared war, and so Hitler began to plan for an offensive in the west.

Hitler occupied Denmark and Norway in April 140. He then struck against France, invading through the Ardennes rather than through the Low Countries. Against his generals’ advice, Hitler held back Guderian tanks, enabling the British to escape from Dunkirk. The campaign as a whole was a brilliant success and Hitler forced the French to sign an armistice at the site of the 118 Armistice. Hitler’s next stop was the subjugation of

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Britain by aerial bombardment followed by an invasion. Yet, as the expected surrender of Britain failed to materialize, the invasion of the Soviet Union was imminent.

When the attack against the USSR was launched on June , 141, Hitler was so confident of success that he refused to provide winter clothing and equipment for his troops. The German army advanced swiftly into the Soviet Union but failed to destroy its Russian opponents. An unexpected Russian counterattack in December 141, made it clear that Hitler’s hopes of a single campaign would not be realized. At Stalingrad Hitler’s troops were forced to fight till the death, but by early 14 he lost at Stalingrad and the war was brought to a turning point.

All the factors, coupled with the successful allied invasion of France, drove into action the desperate few soldiers and civilians who were ready to remove Hitler and negotiate peace. At this time, Hitler became increasingly ill and fatigued, but he did not relax or lose control over the Nazi party. Also during this time, Mussolini signed an armistice with the allies.

Meanwhile, the failure of the U-Boat campaign and bombing of Germany made it more evident that defeat was on the horizon. Hitler, on the other hand, had other ideas and decided to move his headquarters to the west to direct an offensive in the Ardennes for which the last reserves of manpower were mobilized. This offensive was the Battle of the Bulge where Hitler’s army first had the offensive, but soon enough they ran out of fuel and

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weaponry. When this offensive failed, his hopes of victory became even more visionary, based on the use of new weaponry or the breakup of the Grand Alliance, especially after the death of Roosevelt. As a last resort, he ordered mass material destruction and condemned his army to death by refusing to allow surrender. In the beginning of 145, he already knew that the war was drawing to an end, so he never left the Chancellery in Berlin or its bunker. His final decision was to abandon a plan to lead a final resistance in the south as the Russians closed in on Berlin. In a state of extreme nervous exhaustion he became prematurely senile, if not insane, but then at least accepted the inevitable. He then prepared to take his own life, leaving to its fate the country over which he had taken absolute command. Before this transpired, two further acts remained. His marriage to Eva Braun on April , 145 and on April 0 he said farewell to his few remaining followers and left the country to Joseph Goebbels and Karl Donitz. Then, Hitler and Eva Braun both retired to his suite and Hitler shot himself while Eva took poison. In accordance with his instructions, their bodies were burned.

Hitler, the man who came to power trying to make the German people united and make a great German empire, failed. He decided not to listen to his generals and took might and power into his own hands, sending his troops to their deaths instead of mobilizing and strengthening them even more to conquer the forces that were against them.

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